“trying to find a way to age like wine somehow”

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Todd Snider - Age Like Wine
buy East Nashville Skyline (2004)

Happy New Year!

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Greetings from La Quinta in Denver. We made record time from Houston to Denver today – about 14 hours. Getting some rest tonight and then hittin’ the (hopefully unfrozen) pavement again in the morning for about 4 more hours to our destination of Steamboat Springs.

This quaint Colorado town will be gearing up for Music Fest as we gear up for a 44″ snow base and champagne powder runs. Tomorrow night will be full of fireworks, champagne, and whiskey – yes all at the same time – so no time for posting. That’s why i’m writing this New Year’s Post now. But you wouldn’t have ever known that as i’ll schedule the post for tomorrow. Ok, i’ll shut up now.

2009 already has lots of promise. Many highly anticipated releases are scheduled – as well as some others that i’m simply expecting without any substantiating evidence.

Also, the 22nd of January will mark the 1 Year Anniversary of This Mornin’ I Am Born Again. You can email me for the address to send gifts to.

So, have a great remainder of the Holidays and we’ll see you next year.


Todd Snider – Happy New Year
Slaid Cleaves – One Good Year
The Walkmen – In The New Year
Jack Ingram – Auld Lang Syne

The Vinyl Word……..

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Somewhere between my last trip to the record store and while researching for my last Album Release Forecast, i’ve realized something that really makes my needle hard…

No, no….. the one on my record player.

Vinyl Is Making A Comeback!

You may have noticed from the heading pictures on many of my posts that i have a slight affinity for the Vinyl Record. That place of being for the first true ‘albums.’ The ones with a Side A & Side B. Those nostalgic relics you pulled down from your parents’ attic when you first realized the beauty of music. Y’know……… LP’s.

Lost Highway, Sub Pop, and even EMI are few of the labels that i’ve noticed offering the CD/Vinyl choice. Browsing Amazon’s upcoming releases recently, i found that most of the albums on the list are re-issues of older albums in the analog format. Waterloo Records in Austin, as i’m sure is true with many stores around the nation, now have larger sections of new vinyls than that of the used, original pressings. Best Buy and other major retailers are tossing around the idea of adding Vinyl records (in a limited, carefully chosen selection, mind you) to their music departments.

Vinyl records enhance every aspect of the experience one has with their music. The artwork becomes not just an album cover, but a true work of art to be to be carefully studied as the sounds are magically transferred from a small needle through to giant speakers. Playing a vinyl record requires much more work than, say… a click of a mouse does – meticulous removal of the album from its sleeve followed by the steady-handed placing of the needle along the outermost groove. And then you’re required to repeat this procedure halfway through the listening process. All this extra effort allows for a ceremonious display of respect for the artists’ work, and a higher appreciation for the fidelity of the music.

Perhaps just as exciting as finding that perfect, although slightly worn, copy of Blonde On Blonde, Sweetheart of the Rodeo, or Our Mother The Mountain in the used section of the store is carefully removing the plastic on the 12×12 cardboard encasing your newest favorite album deemed worthy of a vinyl immortality. Maybe there will be a fold out poster. Maybe extra liner notes. Ultimately there’s the holy grail of bonuses – the vinyl-only bonus track…

And then there’s that sound…..
No matter how our digital technology grows, the simple fact is that the quantity and quality of sounds present on an LP can never truly be transferred to CD or mp3. The desire for increased volume on CD’s only lessens the dynamic quality of the sound captured. It puts a fuzzy, warm feeling inside you to hear that fuzzy, warm sound that comes from an LP. Records capture every sound that went into the microphones and play them back without losing any of the grandeur. This sound can transport you (often back in time) into that fabled studio the musicians holed up in for days at a time and created their art. Hell, i even enjoy the pops and static you often come across – it’s genuine.

Of course, saying that vinyl is the next big thing again is just as relative as saying that the artists i talk about here are popular. Sure, they’ve remained preferred in small circles (DJ’s and fellow Audiophiles), but the popularity will never again compete with that of the quickly accessed, readily available, and easily pirated mp3. But there is some hope in the numbers…. Vinyl revenues were up 46.2% from the last year in 2007, while CD sales dropped 20.5% – following a 10.9% drop between ‘05-’06. LP sales don’t even make a dent in the overall layout of sales in the music industry – CD’s still reign, for now – but the numbers that are reported don’t include small indie record shops, or the sale of used albums in stores and on eBay. (sales figures are from RIAA via Wired.com)

And let’s be honest – you wouldn’t be here, nor would this blog, if it weren’t for the mp3. It has dramatically changed the way we listen, collect, and share our music. But many of these hip labels releasing the vinyls fully understand that. To compensate, many offer supply a code with the purchase of the record that allows the customer to go online and download mp3’s of the tracks for portable use.

So, what’s in store for the CD? i believe the only thing keeping the Compact Disc hanging on is the need for music in the vehicle. Satellite radio and the FM transmitters for iPods have tried to phase out the Auto CD player, but still haven’t matched it. XM and Sirius are revolutionary, but you still aren’t able to pick a certain track or skip through to songs of your choice. And although many new vehicles are offering direct iPod docking stations, too many still only have the option of the FM transmitter – which simply does not produce the same sound as an mp3 file. Moreover, unless you’re on a long trip with little radio interference along the way, it’s just too much trouble to find an empty station to transmit your tunes through. Once the majority of car radios have auxiliary plugs on the face, or even USB ports, the CD will finally have seen it’s days.

The same was most likely said about the vinyl upon the introduction of the CD, but as we’ve seen, that big black disc has not only hung on, but thrived. There’s a nostalgia, a deeper connection to the music you get with a vinyl record that never existed with the CD and exists far less with the mp3. Long Live Vinyl.

If there is one ray of hope for the compact disc, this has to be it – Optical Media Productions is testing the idea of a Vinyl/CD hybrid. Old school on the top, digital on the bottom. The vinyl side will only fit about 31/2 minutes of music – a perfect place for a bonus track. Read the story….

Here’s a couple of tunes picked especially for this occasion:
Ryan Adams – If I Am A Stranger (vinyl rip)
Todd Snider – Vinyl Records

And these just scream vinyl to me:
Bill Withers – Use Me
Bob Dylan – Talkin’ World War III Blues
John Lee Hooker – Boogie Chillen’
Ray Charles – What’d I Say

Check out Amazon’s Vinyl catalog.

Album Release Forecast, Vol. 3….

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If you check the archives, i’ve only got 1 previous album release forecast (here). But i did, in fact, write two of them. One day, my second one mysteriously disappeared. My guess is some of the tracks i posted got some people angry, and instead of coming to me, they went to Blogger, who then removed the post – no questions asked.

But thanks to the internet and all its archiving glory, you can still find remnants of it – like here at Elbo.ws.

Anyway, my plan was to get an installment out pretty regularly, as not to miss any big releases. But this summer has been one big blob of uncertain locales and shaky internet service – with even more to come. So that didn’t happen, but i did manage to talk about some releases as i learned of them in single posts.

i will resume with a late summer/early fall album release forecast:

August 5
Conor OberstConor Oberst
(Merge Records)

This album has been talked about on every other blog and music mag, so i won’t get in-depth. Conor Oberst left behind the Bright Eyes moniker as well as his “better half” and longtime producer Mike Mogis and went deep into Mexico to record his latest effort. The self titled disc is reportedly not as much ’sad-bastard’ but more up-tempo midwest rock – much like Cassadaga, which i really enjoyed.

Conor Oberst – Danny Callahan
stream the whole thing here.

August 5
Carrie Rodriguez – She Ain’t Me
(Back Porch Records)

If Norah Jones and Allison Krauss had a love-child, her name would be Carrie Rodriguez and she would be a classically-trained violinist with a twangy, soulful voice. Carrie worked with songwriter Chip Taylor for many years, and in ‘06 released her solo debut, Seven Angels on a Bicycle. It’s a fiddle-driven, mellow album that features mostly songs penned by Chip. Carrie is set to release her sophomore effort in which she took over the writing duties – she co-wrote with Gary Louris and Mary Gauthier, and Lucinda Williams makes a cameo. Not bad.

Carrie Rodriguez – Got Your Name On It
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez – Keep Your Hat On Jenny
pre-order She Ain’t Me

August 19
Todd Snider – Peace Queer
(New Door Records)

i already talked about this one here.

September 2
Rodney CrowellSex and Gasoline
(Yep Roc Records)

The Houston Kid honed his musical chops as a guitar player/singer with olEmmylou. He ran around with Steve Earle, Guy Clark, and Townes in the 70’s and 80′ – oh yeah, he was also married to Rosanne Cash. Known mainly for his songwriting, he has penned songs that produced hits for Emmylou, Guy, Waylon, George Strait, Keith Urban, etc. With a slew of solo albums since ‘78, Rodney’s last few discs have been politically-fueled rants set to catchy guitar/mandolin riffs.

from Sex and Gasoline:
Rodney Crowell – Closer To Heaven
from 2005’s The Outsider:
Rodney Crowell – Don’t Get Me Started

September 9
Okkervil River – The Stand Ins

Will Sheff and band didn’t take long to follow up 2007’s The Stage Names (which, if i could re-do my Best of 2007 list, would make the top 5). That’s simply because they had toyed with the idea of releasing a double album last year. Though the idea was forgone, The Stand Ins picks up where The Stage Names left off. The overall theme is said to carry over, there’s a sequel to the plaintive Savannah Smiles, and even the artwork coincides. Read more here.
here’s a live version of a song that will be on the new disc – my most anticipated of this list.

Okkervil River – Lost Coastlines (WOXY.com Lounge Acts)

September 23
Old Crow Medicine Show – Tennessee Pusher

i posted about this release here as soon as i found out. Since then, i’ve also been informed that an EP will precede the album release. Out next week (July 29th), it will include 2 songs from the full album plus an exclusive track, Back To New Orleans.

The album was produced by Don Was (The Stones, Dylan, Black Crowes) who has his own channel on MyDamnChannel.com - check out the boys playin’ some studio sessions with country legend ‘Cowboy’ Jack Clement:

You can find an older version of Caroline at my original Tennessee Pusher post, but he’s another new tune from The Show that i’ve found:
Old Crow Medicine Show – Soul Rebel (live)

If you know of any upcoming albums that fit the mood here at This Mornin‘…., please tell me.

More Todd Snider…..

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Got a link to this in my inbox this morning.
check out more videos at MyDamnChannel.com

It’s Todd’s newest song, America’s Favorite Pastime – about Dock Ellis who, to the envy of many, once threw a NO HITTER on LSD. Amazing.

The song is from Todd’s forthcoming album, Peace Queer - out August 19th. It will carry a theme that he is well-accustomed to – the modern-day protest song. He includes a cover of CCR’s Fortunate Son, and the lead-off track is entitled Mission Accomplished – we all know what that’s in reference to.

i’ve thrown up a couple Todd Snider songs here and there, but not enough has been said about this wordsmith. Like John Prine before him, Todd has a way with words that is not initially super-impressive. At times, their lyrics are so corny that they are are downright mindblowing. And listening to people like Townes Van Zandt, Elliot Smith, and Ryan Adams – whose austere phrases are often difficult to decode, we tend to forget the value of a little humor and levity in music. While Todd may not shoot for the most intellectual phrase to come up with, his timing and syllabic choices are perfect. He has a superb sense of melody that shines through in his solo acoustic work.

You Got Away With It ~ from The Devil You Know (2006)
A tongue-in-cheek song about the most powerful frat-boy of them all.
“You got the run of this place…. unbelievable!”

Here’s another humor-driven tune from Todd:
Iron Mike’s Main Man’s Last Request
buy East Nashville Skyline (2004)

Playlist Pulse: Slowies…..

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Haven’t done one of these in a while. i’ve been pretty short on time this week, so no in-depth posts requiring a lot of thought are in the works. That’s why i started this Playlist Pulse thing anyway – to get some songs out to the people in a simple way.

Today, i’m pulling from my Slowies playlist. It’s simply a collection of soothing, slow-paced songs that i often use to fall asleep to. That’s not to say that the songs are uninteresting, just very calming. In fact, i often end up staying awake thoroughly examining the words – as simple, quiet instrumentation paves the way for lyrically driven songs.

  1. Iron & Wine – The Sea & The Rhythm
    buy The Sea & The Rhythm [EP]
    Sam Beam comprises about 20 percent of this playlist. His fluid vocals could calm a cat in a swimming pool. This song wouldn’t be near as magnificent if it weren’t for the shockingly simple banjo solos.
  2. The Wood Brothers – That’s What Angels Can Do
    buy Ways Not To Lose
    The Wood Brothers momentarily drop their heavy groove and show us a beautiful song in which Oliver decides that the only explanation for his love’s power of him is that she must be an angel. Listen close and you’ll hear trickling water in the background….
  3. Band of Horses – Part One
    buy Everything All The Same
  4. Okkervil River – Savannah Smiles
    buy The Stage Names
    The xylophone is a perfect touch for a song about your little girl.
  5. Todd Snider – All My Life
    buy Happy To Be Here
    Simply beautiful.

check out more playlist pulse….

Another Day, Another Blogger………..

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My birthday is officially over now………
This is the first year that i really haven’t been all that excited for it. Maybe it’s because my birthday was also a dreaded deadline for a looming online class. Maybe it’s because it sorta also marks the beginning of the rest of my life and the real world. Who knows??

Today i got to:

• wake up early and go to the dentist
• run a few errands
• drive 2 hrs away just to pack up some shit and drive back

But i did get to spend some quality family time and have a nice dinner. And i got a badass new camera. Thanks to the glory of Facebook, i did get about a million birthday wishes. Thanks.

But i’m going to officially celebrate the date of my birth this weekend in…….

Costa Rica. Oh yeah, six days of reclined bliss in a Rain Forest that just happens to butt up to the Pacific Ocean.

This will most likely be my last post from this country, cause i got another busy day tomorrow. So (hoping i can find some sort of Internet service in the jungle) the next time you hear from me, i’ll be layin’ in a hammock with my new copy of To Live’s To Fly and a piña colada.

P.S. – expect a ton of kickass pictures like this one upon my return………

Until then, enjoy some tunes especially picked out for today:

mp3: The Everybodyfields – Birthday
buy Nothing Is Okay (2007)

mp3: Neil Young – Old Man
buy Harvest (1972)

mp3: Todd Snider – Age Like Wine
buy East Nashville Skyline (2004)

mp3: Slaid Cleaves – One Good Year
buy Broke Down (2000)

mp3: Ryan Adams – Born Yesterday (since it’s now way past midnight)
from Live At The Brewery (1999)

Playlist Pulse: Grooves…..

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Time for another Playlist Pulse. This time from the one titled grooves. These are simply those songs that make you tap you boots, drum on the desk, or just bob a head. Whether it’s the plunk of a banjo, the beat of a tom, or the groove initiated by a plugged in guitar, it’s hard not to move to these songs:

1. mp3: The Be Good Tanyas – Rain & Snow
buy Blue Horse (2001)

a traditional folk song made famous by The Dead

2. mp3: Rodney Crowell – The Obscenity Prayer
buy The Outsider (2005)

3. mp3: Bob Dylan – Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
buy Bob Dylan (1962)

4. mp3: Ray Wylie Hubbard – Roll and I Tumble
buy Deirium Tremolos (2005)
From the same album as the song that inspired this blog. RWH might as well have invented the groove – most of his songs make this list.

5. mp3: Todd Snider – The Highland Street Incident
buy The Devil You Know (2006)
Todd got mugged behind a bar one night. He tried many times to write a song about it, but couldn’t get it right until he thought to tell it from the muggers point of view.


p.s. – i got all the links fixed up.
if you see something crossed out,
that mean the link is expired – too slow


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So late last year, i invested in the biggest (160 gigs) iPod you can buy to store all my musical goodness. And to keep my computer running clean, i only kept about 1000 or so of the most essential mp3’s on my hard drive – the rest was on my ipod, which i basically used as an external drive.

Then one fateful day about a month ago, iTunes froze up on me. Instead of being patient – which i have a hard time doing – i ejected the iPod by right clicking on the device through ‘my computer’. Turned on my iPod and…………. ‘no music’


Upon closer inspection, 26 or so gigs of space were still taken up, but not as ‘music’. The files were listed under the category ‘other’….. so there’s some hope.

Restarted the iPod – no luck
Reinstalled iTunes – no luck
Read 1,043 forums regarding iPod problems – no luck

Apple’s only suggestion is to restore the iPod to factory settings – which deletes everything off the Ipod – and simply re-sync the device through iTunes. Great!…. if you have all your music on your computer – but that’s why i spent $300 on a HUGE iPod. Fuck you Steve Jobs.

Now, i could restore the iPod and load everything back on – i have it all somewhere, whether its on my old mp3 player or on cd’s – but that’s a lot of carpel-tunnel inducing hours. Plus, all the time i spent organizing artists, album information, genres, album art, etc. would be lost, and i would have to do it all again. And, come on, i’ve got a blog to write.

So, i sucked it up, shelled out some cash, and shipped out my beloved iPod to a tech restore company.

Got home from class today and a little brown box is waiting for me………

-Power ON-

**ok, so it seems you cannot take an un-fuzzy picture of an iPod.

anyway, you get the picture.

Back In Business!

here are some apropos songs:
mp3: Ryan Adams – Hallelujah ~ from Demolition (2002)
mp3: Willie Nelson – Hallelujah ~ from Songbird (2006)
mp3: The Everybodyfields – Everything Is Okay ~ from Nothing Is Okay (2007)
mp3: Todd Snider – Old Friend (with Jack Ingram) ~ from Peace, Love, and Anarchy (2007)