These United States Release New Album Details

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DC-based These United States have recently prepared their 4th studio album in the last 2 1/2 years. I like that pace. What Lasts has been called a darker writing effort than previous TUS albums – lead man Jesse Elliott wrote the album in 2009 following a near-death experience on Lake Michigan. The album is appropriately named, too. The title track was the only song from the album to survive a laptop theft in which Elliott lost some 300 demos. Below, check out the tracklist , download the first single, and check out some photos from a TUS show I attended last month in Austin:

What Lasts (out 7/20/10)
1.  Nobody Can Tell
2.  Dug Him in the Dirt
3.  One You Believe
4.  The Great Rivers
5.  Just This
6.  Life&Death She&I
7.  Ever Make You Mine
8.  What Do You Want with My Heart?
9.  What Lasts
10. Water & Wheat

The Lists: Top 20 Albums of 2009 (11-20)

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Here it is folks! Expanded for 2009, my
Top 20 Albums of the Year – Part I.

20. Wye Oak – The Knot

Merge, 7.21.2009
It’s a loud, alt-rock album kept country with a heavy dose of steel guitar. Wye Oak is Jenn Wasner (guitar, vocals) and Andy Stack (drums, vocals). If being signed to Merge Records isn’t enough, the beauty of The Knot, their sophomore album, should help bring some attention going into the next decade.

Wye Oak – For Prayer

19. Wilco – Wilco (The Album)
Nonesuch, 6.26.2009
The boldly titled seventh album from alt-country mainstay Wilco did not disappoint. Jeff Tweedy continues to provide welcoming melodies and infectious guitar licks overlain with his unmistakably heavyhearted vocals. Each time I listen, I find a new favorite track. In fact, as I write this, I already wish I would have placed it higher in this list.

Wilco – I’ll Fight

18. Slaid Cleaves - Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away

Music Road, 4.21.2009
Folk storyman Slaid Cleaves may not pump out albums, but for our patience we get carefully crafted song showcases that continually impress. While Everything You Love doesn’t have a ‘Broke Down,’ there remain 11 songs filled with first-person experience that only Slaid could recount with such ease and grace.

Slaid Cleaves – Black T-Shirt

17. Stephanie Briggs – Birds Barely Know Us

Smith Entertainment, 3.31.2009
It’s strange that out of all the Texas acts I used to follow, a female, Stephanie Briggs, would bring an album that follows the general direction to which my musical tastes have shifted. What’s not so strange is that running around with the likes of Cody Canada, Stephanie learned how to use a guitar the right way. Calling New Braunfels, TX home, Stephanie (guitar, vocals) and husband Matthew (percussion, vocals) offer a freshly energetic album with an indie-edge.

Stephanie Briggs – Private Parts

16. The Felice Brothers – Yonder Is The Clock

Team Love, 4.7.2009
Since 2007’s Tonight At The Arizona, each of The Felice Brothers‘ albums have become slightly less enjoyable – mainly due to too much album-filler. But just as I passed through Yonder Is The Clock to check inventory, I remembered just how good the good ones are. Ian Felice can strike my fancy just as easily with a raucous barn-burner as he can with a plaintive dirge. Read my original review.

The Felice Brothers – Boy From Lawrence County

15. Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses – Roadhouse Sun
Lost Highway, 6.2.2009
Another product of the Texas Music scene, Ryan Bingham emerged with the basics only to build upon them to gain national success. I’ll admit, if I hadn’t found this album for $3.99 on Amazon, I most-likely wouldn’t have given it a shot this year. Sure glad I did – Roadhouse Sun is a dustblown disc expertly arranged with the fullest sound to come from Ryan yet.

Ryan Bingham – Change Is

14. Great Bloomers - Speak of Trouble
Maple Music Recordings, 4.21.2009
The Great Bloomers came out of nowhere (actually Canada) and brought us an easy choice for a top 20 list. Lowell Sostomi and crew offer piano-fueled, guitar-aided, harmony-highlighted folk-pop that oozes optimism. Listed first in their ‘influence’ column are The Beach Boys, and nowhere does that ‘influence’ ring truer than when they institute deft 4-part harmonies. Speak of Trouble jauntily guides you though 11 tracks of unique arrangements and sticky melodies.

Great Bloomers – Admit Defeat

13. Brendan Benson – My Old, Familiar Friend
ATO, 8.18.2009
This is Brendan Benson’s fourth solo album, but remains the only one I’ve heard. I was first introduced to Brendan when he joined forces with Jack White in The Raconteurs. When I heard My Old, Familiar Friend, it was quickly evident how much of Consolers was influenced by Brendan. If you like the pop melodies and smooth vocals from The Raconteurs, Brendan Benson comes highly recommended. First order of business for 2010: check out Benson’s back catalog.

Brendan Benson – Garbage Day

12. The Avett Brothers – I And Love And You
Sony/American, 9.29.2009
Just two short years after The Avett Brothers topped my list of albums, it seems they are already the clichéd choice. Good news for them, but as you’ll remember from my original review, (sorta) bad news for me. Their meteoric rise from obscurity landed them in the studio with Rick Rubin for 2009’s I And Love And You. His polished touch on the album created a different sound that initially rubbed some of us the wrong way. From the small sampling of reviews I found that weren’t fawning over the disc, one common theme emerged: This album will grow on you. While in its second listening round, the album hit me in a different way. Once I got over the production choices, all that was left were the songs. And they were good.

The Avett Brothers – And It Spread

11. These United States – Everything Touches Everything
United Interests, 9.1.2009
Reigning Best Album champs These United States released their third disc in just two years. Last year’s Crimes was my choice for Best Album last year, but interestingly enough, I couldn’t find a song from it to include in my Best Songs list. The same approach was taken with 2009’s Everything Touches Everything, in which Jesse Elliot crafted a cohesive album. None of the songs were written with a single in mind, but rather each was written as an equally important element to the disc. Maybe it’s not quite as good as Crimes (due mainly to the fact that its opener was a stellar, thematic lead-in), but still an immense joy to listen to – and that’s all that matters.

These United States – I’m Gonna Assemble A City

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The Lists: Best Videos of 2009

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Here’s an unranked group of some of the best music videos from 2009. I didn’t scour the internet (or god-forbid watch MTV/CMT) for every video made this year. They are basically taken from those artists in my Top 20 Albums list (coming soon) that happened to make videos this year.

These United States – Everything Touches Everything

The Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin

The Avett Brothers – Slight Figure of Speech

Bombadil – So Many Ways To Die

Dan Auerbach – Heartbroken, In Disrepair

Middle Distance Runner – The Unbeliever

Sea Wolf – Wicked Blood

Brendan Benson – A Whole Lot Better

These United States RAD New Video!!

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Yo! Peep this!

buy Everything Touches Everything (2009)

These United States: Everything Touches Everything

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Reigning champions for Album of the Year here at This Mornin’… have released all the details (including a track) for their next album. These United StatesEverything Touches Everything will be the band’s 3 studio album in just two short years. I like the pace.

Everything Touches Everything (United Interests)
Release Date: Sept 1, 2009

1. I Want You to Keep Everything
2. Will It Ever
3. Everything Touches Everything
4. Night & the Revolution
5. The Secret Door
6. Conquest & Consequence
7. I’m Gonna Assemble a City
8. Good Bones
9. The Important Thing
10. End
11. Good Night Wish

Jesse Elliot and his band’s unique brand of literate folk/rock/pop is truly some of the most exciting music being created today. With their ability to bring fresh melodies and evocative lyrics together with twisting and turning instrumental choices, These United States keep you on the edge of your seat. Couple that with their fast-paced productive output, and you’ve got a band to watch out for.

A few months ago, gave us a track of These United States doing their version of a traditional folk tune inspired by the Book of Revelations.

These United States – Twelve Gates To The City

TUS: [Website][MySpace][Store]
More These United States at This Mornin’…
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New Digs: Crimes

Top Albums of 2008 (Part II)….

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5. The Raconteurs – Consolers of the Lonely
3/25/08 ~ Third Man/Warner Bros.

i’ve always been a little wary of Jack White. His first effort with The Raconteurs swayed me a bit, but Consolers of the Lonely has sealed the deal. Much like what Caitlin Cary does for Ryan Adams, i believe Brendan Benson has a calming effect on Jack, keeping his crazy side in check. With each turn taken during the album, i am continually impressed with the musical decisions of this superband. Consolers reached just far enough into the folk realm to get me interested in the first place, and acquiring the album made visible the allure that has surrounded Jack White since the beginning.

Old Enough

Purchase: [Amazon CD /Vinyl][Direct CD /Vinyl][iTunes]

4. The Felice Brothers – The Felice Brothers
3/4/08 ~ Team Love

Although they’ve been releasing music since 2006, i feel like 2008 was the breakout year for The Felice Brothers. i first posted about them back in February and, aside from Ryan Adams, they have been one of the most prevalent bands here at This Mornin’… An apt follow-up to last year’s Tonight At The Arizona, their self-titled album from this year is a raucous ride through backwoods country-side making stops in old-time barrooms and dirty roadside oases. ‘Frankie’s Gun’ took top honors in my Best Songs List without much of a fight. If i didn’t feel the need to spread the accolades around, songs like ‘Wonderful Life’, ‘Greatest Show’, ‘Take This Bread’, and ‘Love Me Tenderly’ could have also made the list. Moreover, i got to see the brothers live a short while back, and it only further instilled my appreciation for this authentic, super-talented band.

Love Me Tenderly

Purchase: [Amazon CD /Vinyl][Direct CD /Vinyl][iTunes]

3. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes
6/3/08 ~ Sub Pop

An album sure to be on many top lists, Fleet Foxes self-titled debut deserves every bit of praise coming its way. Sub Pop has proved once again that the sounds coming from the rainy Northwest are well worth paying attention to. The Foxes have self-described themselves as ‘baroque-pop,’ and as much as i’ve tried, i haven’t found a better description. With a lack of desire for conventional song structure and soaring vocals, The Fleet Foxes have managed to come off as classical while retaining what the appeal of the indie sound. Their chamber-music is at once peaceful and deeply inspiring. The fact that a 22-year old Robin Pecknold had the sage vision to put together a band of their caliber gives me tremendous hope for this young generation and their music.

Your Protector

Purchase: [Amazon CD /Vinyl][Direct CD /Vinyl][iTunes]

2. Conor Oberst – Conor Oberst
8/5/08 ~ Merge Records

Conor and his Mystic Valley Band took refuge in a secluded part of central Mexico to record the first album to bear the name of this Omaha alt-rocker. As you well know, Conor has a slew of releases under the moniker Bright Eyes as well as a ton of side projects. Conor Oberst is the most focused and accessible album that he has recorded. Shedding much of the cult-like stigma that hindered his 2007 Bright Eyes album as well as most of the peculiar and erratic tendencies from his adolescent career, Conor has solidified his place as the Best American Songwriter under 30. ‘Souled Out’ reached #7 on my Best Songs List, which is an obvious injustice to the rest of the album. i truly can’t skip one song on the disc, and that includes the 50 second horn-blowing track from Ruben the Mexican. Conor and band headlined the above-mentioned show i attended in Austin. Read what i said about Conor Oberst back in my September Album Round-up.


Purchase: [Amazon CD /Vinyl][Direct CD /Vinyl /mp3][iTunes]

1. These United States – Crimes
9/23/08 ~ United Interests

These United States’ second album of 2008 was immediately put in the running for the top spot when i first picked it up back in September. Read my original impression. Following A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden (whew…), Jesse Elliot put together a group of musicians and booked some studio time with an obvious vision in mind. What came out of the sessions was the Best Album of 2008. If you refer back to the preamble in Part I of this post, i talk a bit about the concept of an album – it being a complete work and not simply a neat packaging of songs. You’ll notice no cuts from Crimes were on my Best Songs List. Crimes reads like a story, a narrative that wouldn’t be complete without each element intact. The track-breaks flow seamlessly like chapters, with each song relating to the others through the common theme of the innate sinful nature of the human being. Crimes is jangly and loud for the most part, heavy on the background vocals and community instruments. Even the songs that begin at a crawl build and evolve back into an all-inclusive, welcoming sing-along. To have an album feel cohesive but still manage to continually engage the listener, one vital element is necessary: Dynamic. Crimes is unmatched in its layer quantity and progressive feel. And that’s just the sound of the album. Jesse Elliot fills each song with witty phrasing that begs you to listen intently. He’ll take a well-known saying and cleverly alter a word or two so that it will catch your ear no matter what other activity you’re engaged in. His slightly arrogant, but overly friendly delivery has the effect of a beloved author – one that you know is much smarter than you yet is still very relatable. Pick up this one, don’t simply download a track. Play it from beginning to end, and i promise it will leave you wanting more.

Old John Chapman Takes a Good Long Walk

Purchase: [Amazon][Direct][iTunes]


Be sure to read my Top 10 Songs of 2008.

Summer Album Round-up….

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As promised, i’ve sorted through my recent album purchases to bring you a Late Summer/Early Fall Album Round-up.

Most of the albums considered came from Volume 3 of my Album Release Forecast. One album, Punch, was released back in March, but because of the different billing from Chris Thile’s previous releases, i was unaware of the album until recently. Also, Todd Snider’s Peace Queer release date was pushed back to October. Not sure yet if i’ll do another Album Release Forecast for Fall/Winter, so here are some noteworthy upcoming releases:


Okkervil River ~ The Stand-Ins
This is an album by a veteran band who is obviously very comfortable in their skin, although their dark lyrics may not express the same sentiment. Will Sheff is a pro at taking a deep, personal situation and creating a candid, incredibly catchy tune. While this disc may not contain as many ‘hits’ as its predecessor, it is by no means any less enjoyable. The only lulls within The Stand-Ins are the three short instrumental ‘title tracks’ that disconnect the disc from what would be a smooth-flowing narrative.

Okkervil River – Singer Songwriter

Conor Oberst ~ Conor Oberst
Conor proves that even without his longtime musical partner Mike Mogis and the shield of the Bright Eyes moniker, he’s still this young generation’s most inventive, fearless troubadour. He may even be better without the two – this disc is currently the best album to be released this year. From the start, Conor Oberst is a captivating album filled with original melodies accented with pointed spurts of alliteration. The aggressive acoustic solos are evident of his previous work with Dave Rawlings. While the subject of his songs continue to be spiritually driven, there’s none of the religious cult undertones that impaired Casadaga. The first couple tracks i came across from this one seemed only to be a continuation of that last album, but when you hear them in the context of the other stellar tunes, they become a perfect fit. Buy this one.

Conor Oberst – Get-Well-Cards
Conor Oberst – Moab

Old Crow Medicine Show ~ Tennessee Pusher
i heard someone else call this a ‘concept album’ centered around booze, drugs, partying, etc. While there are many nods to this kind of living (Alabama High-Test, Methamphetamine, and Humdinger are some track names), i don’t think The Show had a specific concept in mind. Just look at their previous albums and see if there is any less debauchery in the themes. You already know how i feel about the re-make of Caroline, and the sour-taste that Highway Halo left me with. Old Crow’s appeal is their imperfect, whiskey-fueled energy, and Don Was simply tried to harness this into an over-produced, radio-ready album. To sand down the sounds coming from the strings of this band is a crime. The good news is that, while most of the songs Ketch fronts were deeply affected from the heavy hand of Was, no one can make Willie Watson’s tenor wail sound anything less than pure backwoods emotion. It’s not completely a miss, but i’m already anxious to see what The Show does next.

Old Crow Medicine Show – The Greatest Hustler of All
Old Crow Medicine Show – Crazy Eyes

Carrie Rodriguez ~ She Ain’t Me
With her second solo effort, Carrie moved even further away from the Texas dancehall stigma she acquired while playing with Chip Taylor. She leans further toward contemporary jazz with fiddle highlights on this disc. Carrie also took the writing reins here, and proves she can be a successful solo artist. While i don’t think she’s found her exact sound yet, She Ain’t Me will be a stepping-stone she can proudly look back on.

Carrie Rodriguez – El Salvador

Rodney Crowell ~ Sex and Gasoline
Although he’s been making music since the 70’s, i’ve only really become a fan of Rodney through his last three records. Political tunes usually turn me off, but something about Rodney’s unbiased, regular-joe perspective coupled with unforgettable guitar riffs and melodies made much of his material very pleasing. On Sex and Gasoline, his subject matter remains the same, only none of the instrumentation is as catchy. i just can’t get into this one. An occasional political/social commentary song is a good idea, just don’t let it be all you do.

Rodney Crowell – I Want You #35

Punch Brothers ~ Punch
Had the pleasure of catching Chris Thile and his band live in Austin a few weeks ago. i went expecting a good bluegrass show but was blown away with not only their combined talent, but also the overall show experience. i knew his years in the spotlight with Nickel Creek would’ve taught Chris how to play big shows, but the way he handled a crowded room of less than 100 fans was impressive. As far a mandolin players go, Chris is no doubt one of the best around, but i was shown that each of the other players in the Punch Brothers rules their instrument just as well. The album contains four ’songs’ in the traditional sense as well as a four-movement piece entitled The Blind Leaving The Blind. Who does movements these days? Real musicians.

Punch Brothers – Punch Bowl
Punch Brothers – The Blind Leaving The Blind: Fourth Movement

These United States ~ Crimes
The biggest surprise and dark-horse for album of the year goes to These United States and their second album of 2008. Jesse Elliot has finally found the right lineup and sound direction for this ever-changing band, and let’s hope he keeps it that way. Read more here.

The United States – Susie at the Seashore

Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson ~ Rattlin’ Bones
This album is everything i expected from reading reviews and from hearing the title track: Kasey and her new husband going back to their musical roots. It’s a groovy, folky, uplifting album that centers around themes of heaven and hell. The most surprising aspect is how much i enjoy the inclusion of Shane Nicholson. This album will receive a high place on my Best Of ‘08 list, and Rattlin’ Bones will be a strong contender for Best Song.

Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson – The House That Never Was
Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson – Sleeping Cold

Click the Album Covers to purchase.

New Digs: Crimes

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Wow. i don’t think i’ve ever been more excited about the direction that music is moving than i have been over the last couple weeks. With the end of the year nearing, i’ve been goin’ through the albums i’ve picked up in ‘08 (somewhere around 30), and deciding where they might fit into a best of the year list. i can tell you right now, i’m gonna have a hell of time finalizing that list. Lately, my yearning for new music has led me to lose my former obsession with owning an actual hard copy of the albums, so i’ve been keeping my digital music accounts filled with money to dish out in favor of instant-gratification. eMusic,, and most recently Amie Street are the sites i’ve found with the best deals for finding new music – and between the three, you can find nearly anyone you’re looking for.

i picked up Old Crow Medicine Show’s new one at Amie Street for only 5 bucks the other day and as a bonus, was able to download the tracks a day before the actual album release. The discount price was only available as a pre-order, but the album is a mere $8.98 now. Amie Street prices their music on a demand basis – that is, each time an album is downloaded, the price goes up – albums cap out at $8.98. The beauty of this system is that if you’re quick to jump on an album shortly after it’s added, you can get for nearly nothing. i’m talkin’ like 18 cents a song… but don’t tell anybody.

These United States ~ Crimes (Sept 23)

“if the thing that drives you onward is your heart, you must not let that engine die”

After my first purchase, i still had some money in my account so i went a-browsin’. One of the featured albums on the site was a brand new one from Lexington, KY band These United States. i came across a couple of the band’s tunes from their previous release, A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden, earlier this year and posted one here. Both songs were very interesting, musically, but i didn’t really think the band fit my preferred style quite right. Regardless, i began previewing the songs on their new one, Crimes. Before the 2nd track preview had ended, the album was in my library – and for only 5 bucks. By now i’ve had time to hear the whole thing a couple times through…. and it’s flawless. Not one song on the disc can be considered skippable or superfluous.

The greatest appeal of Crimes is that the album is pure fun. Jangly power-pop with country/folk undertones – especially lyrically. Well-formed verses, often historically tinted, that lead into huge sing-along choruses. The album begins with a groovy, acoustic-led tune mentioning Cain & Abel and Dionysus and their respective vices. The next two tracks – full-on, energetic rockers – don’t even allow you to completely realize the beauty of what you just heard. Sometime during Pleasure & Pain & Pride & Me you become aware that you’re in the midst of a great album. Perfectly mixed tempos scatter throughout the rest of the disc – from soulful ballads to near honky-tonk anthems. Will Sheff-like driving melodies are accented with barroom pianos, shakers, tambourines, and even a banjo. Jesse Elliot, the voice of These United States, leads you through this journey of Crimes“the Good kinds, the Bad kinds, the Meaningless, the Historic.”

These United States – West Won
These United States – Heaven Can Wait

Go to Amie Street to buy this album ($5)
These United States: MySpace/Website

New(s) Digs……

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i know it’s only Tuesday, and i’m supposed to be workin’ on my online class. But i got a fever, and the only perscription is……. New Digs.

But seriously folks, i’ve gotten my hands on a bunch of new tunes the last couple of weeks. Enough to do a installment today and Friday, and still have some left over.
After 5 long years, i’m finally getting my Aggie Ring on Friday, so we’ll see how much time i have for that second post.
So i got that goin’ for me……
but i’m in a good mood for a few more reasons:

Ordered my Cap & Gown for Graduation today – just another step on my journey to no more school.

Today, i ran by what they call a ‘record store’ here in College Station. It doesn’t quite qualify, but they did have The Black Keys’ Attack & Release, and suprisingly Justin Townes Earle’s The Good Life. Couldn’t find Loaded from The Wood Brothers, but i plan on being in Austin sometime soon, so i’ll head over to Waterloo. i haven’t gotten a chance to really hear ‘em both yet, but first impressions:

  • Attack & Release is just what i thought it would be – The Black Keys with their edges sanded down (thanks to Danger Mouse). They did surprise me with a toned down, more acoustic opening track (at least the beginning). i dig it.
  • After just one quick listen through The Good Life, i think JTE may have had me fooled with the early released tracks. i can’t tell if it’s necessarily a good thing yet, but all the other tracks have a very traditional, even swing country sound to it, while everything else of his i heard had a more contemporary Americana feel. i’ll get back to you on this one.

- by the way, check TBK’s site and play their laser game

i was contacted by an independent artist out of Brooklyn that said she checked out This Mornin’… and thought i might like her music. She’s gonna send me a cd, and i’ll tell you all about her then.
i found some cool new artists and some really cool stuff from some of my favorite artists after doing some ‘research’ today.

But Big News – i got ‘This Mornin’… added to The Hype Machine
check me out here.
onward to the MUSIC:
mp3: Deer Tick – Little White Lies ~ from Daytrotter Session (2008)
mp3: Deer Tick – The Ghost ~ from Daytrotter Session (2008) is a indie music promoting website that does something really cool. Instead of simply reviewing artists/albums, they get the bands to stop by their studio and record a four-song set. They encourage reworked songs from albums and unreleased stuff. And they release 3 of these sessions each week.
“These songs are them as they are on that particular day, on that particular tour – dirty and alive.”

mp3: Sondre Lerche – My Hands are Shaking ~ from Dan in Real Life Soundtrack (2008)
i saw this movie the other day – it’s pretty good. It makes you think about life – sorta in the same way Garden State does, although not on as deep a level. Througout the movie, i kept noticing the music. Not just songs, but some interesting instrumental accompaniments that follow the flow of the film. Turns out Sondre Lerche , a Norwegien singer/songwriter, wrote the entire soundtrack for the movie. This song was the one that made me look into the soundtrack.

mp3: Matt The Electrician – Got Your Back ~ from Never Alone [EP]
Austin musician, Matt Sever, gave Songs:Illinois an exclusive track from his upcoming album. I really like this tune – i’ll have to check out some of his previous 4 albums worth of material.

mp3: These United States – The Business ~ from A Picture of the Three of Us...(2008)
i’ve been seeing this band’s name pop up a lot lately, but i decided to check ‘em out when i saw that they will be playing a show with Deer Tick on Arpil 7th in RI. Turns out that These Unted States is doing a 33-day US tour in which they play with a different local band in each city. Pretty cool if you ask me.

These United States also has a Daytrotter Session, as well as This Mornin’… favorite Okkervil River. Check ‘em out.

enjoy responsibly………. or not.