Sam & Jill’s New Projects….

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The Everybodyfields were one of my favorite discoveries of 2007. Their album from that year, Nothing Is Okay, was a top 10 choice and remains in solid rotation. So I was understandably upset when I learned last year that they were taking separate paths. But my disappointment changed to excitement once I heard a couple tracks from their current projects.

Sam Quinn has since formed another band – Sam Quinn & Japan Ten. The band includes Sam, Josh Oliver, Megan Gregory, and Brandon Story. So far, they have only released a DVD (available here), but have set a tentative date of late February – early March for The Fake That Sunk a Thousand Ships:

1. Hello
2. Fanboy
3. So Strong
4. Suite Motown

5. Strange Wave.
6. Gun
7. Mardi Gras
8. Help Me
9. Late The Other Night
10. River

You can hear some of them here.

Meanwhile, the beautiful Jill Andrews has been hard at work recording new stuff, getting her touring feet on the ground, and making videos to tell us all about it. Jill has a 6-track EP out (both hard copy and digital) on her website.

Here’s her latest (November edition) Video – this one with Matt Buthcer.

Check out her previous videos:

Links, News, and Videos for April…

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The beginning of the year is generally a slow time for music news. Bands are working to prepare the year’s album, keeping much of the details in-house. But with spring comes new beginnings. Summer releases are beginning to take shape, festivals are gearing up, and tours are being booked. I’ve recently shared news on a new Deer Tick album, Samantha Crain’s new one, and I’ve reviewed The Felice Brothers’ 2009 effort.

Leftover are some news snippets that didn’t warrant a full post, so here goes:

First, Band Breakups:

  • Simone Felice came forward on a MySpace bulletin to announce that he will be leaving the fraternal group to form another band, The Duke & The King. The new group has been signed to Loose Records and put out their debut single ‘If You Ever Get Famous’ in the UK in March. They plan to release an 7″ EP here in The States in May.
  • Austin electric-folk group The Dedringers have taken a mutual hiatus to form two new bands. Sean Faires recorded a few songs as a solo-show (here) before he began playing with some new folks in a band called The Happen-Ins. Jonny Burke, the other half of The Dedringers, has a solo MySpace page with a couple songs up as well. Both groups have been playing in and around the Austin area – often together.

    Sean Faires – The Kids Don’t Dance
  • The Everybodyfields’ Sam Quinn has started a side-project entitled Sam Quinn & Japan Ten. Check out their MySpce page for a couple tracks. Here’s a sweet video:

    Not to be outdone, the stunningly gorgeous Jill Andrews of the Everybodyfields has created a solo MySpace and Website. No Songs posted yet, but in an update she says she has been recording and plans for a 2009 solo release.

New Album News:

  • Our old friends Bombadil released the details on their new album. The North Carolina folk group have put together another stunning album of inventive, albeit very busy, folk-pop. Here’s a small doc on the making of the new one, Tarpits and Canyonlands, due out July 7, 2009. The song playing, ‘Honeymoon,’ is available for download beneath. With more than five distinctive melodies in this one song, I don’t know how they’re gonna have any left over for the rest of the album, but I have faith.

    Bombadil – Honeymoon

  • Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band have finished recording their second album together. Outer South (Merge Records) is due out May 5th, but on Wednesday (April 15th), the band will release “One of My Kind” – a documentary of the complete history of this young band. Check out Conor and band performing ‘Nikorette’ on Conan a while back and then download another tune from the upcoming album.

    Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band – Ten Women

    Pre-order Outer South on either CD or Vinyl.

And last, but certainly not least:

Make It Stop….

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i’ve been flipping back and forth from tonight’s CMA Awards, and i swear it’s the funniest thing on TV…. well, it would be if weren’t dead serious. It’s like a dogshow in that the only people that really care about it are the ones there on the stage. But the sad thing is, these idiots are put there by real people, who really like this music, really buy it… really sing along. They make it a lucrative business. Why else do you think Jessica Simpson and Hootie jumped on the bandwagon? The artists know exactly what they’re doing. They’ve found a loophole in the system. Those few that write their own music simply cater to the ignorant ‘middle America’, writing simple songs that will undoubtedly get played played at every barbecue, high school party, and rural wedding across the country. It’s shameless exploitation.

How can so many stupid fucking Americans actually buy this crap? What kind of shallow person has their musical desires fulfilled by each and every “i love America” spewed out from the prettiest faces money can buy and records labels can hand pick off a reality show.

“Oooh he said he’s from the county…. SO AM I. I love this guy!”
“She drives a pickup. My grandpa has one of those. I’m gonna buy her record now.”
“Look, he wears a baseball cap with the edges perfectly frayed like mine. He’s cool. So am I”

Fuck Me.

It’s no wonder most people laugh when at you when you say you like country music. What chance do we have to be taken seriously when this is the face of it.

Kid Rock is on now, singing a thoughtless regurgitation of one of the most overplayed songs in history. And everybody loves it – mindless people that listen (and enjoy) whatever the local radio station puts on the airwaves. i haven’t had my radio on FM for about 5 years now, so i don’t know the songs, much less most of the acts, on my TV tonight. Half of ‘em can’t even sing. They just hop around the stage under a spotlight, waving their arms around cause they don’t possess the talent to play a guitar – while the real musicians are hidden behind them in the dark.

Some ‘award show’. The same 5 people present and receive all the trophies. The same songs are nominated in categories like ‘Best Single’ and ‘Best Song’ – what’s the fucking difference? It’s just another chance for these chumps to selfishly show their perfectly made up faces to the world, and pat themselves on the back for creating musical genocide.

At least the chicks are hot. That’s all this show has going for it.
That and George Strait.

If you’re here, you most likely feel the same way, so i’m preachin’ to the choir. But i just had to get this off my chest.


The Everybodyfields – Be Miner
Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell – Please Break My Heart
The Felice Brothers – Whiskey In My Whiskey
Gillian Welch – Look At Miss Ohio
Hayes Carll – Long Way Home

Check out Setting The Woods On Fire for more REAL COUNTRY MUSIC

"You can go down by the water…."

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The Everybodyfields – Down By The Water

Here’s a fun little song for your Monday.

It was placed as a hidden track on The Everbodyfields‘ sophomore album, Nothing Is Okay.
Now it’s been spliced just for you.


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i’d stare too.

Head on over to the Daytrotter website and pick up the songs from The Everybodyfields‘ session. One from Nothing Is Okay and three new ones. Good stuff.

In other linked news, i’ve been made a ‘regular’ over at SMM, so go check some of my posts out – i plan on getting one or two up later tonight.

ps – my posts are unintentionally becoming longer and much more writing intensive, so i’m gonna attempt to put more simple ones like this up in the next few weeks.

Another Day, Another Blogger………..

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My birthday is officially over now………
This is the first year that i really haven’t been all that excited for it. Maybe it’s because my birthday was also a dreaded deadline for a looming online class. Maybe it’s because it sorta also marks the beginning of the rest of my life and the real world. Who knows??

Today i got to:

• wake up early and go to the dentist
• run a few errands
• drive 2 hrs away just to pack up some shit and drive back

But i did get to spend some quality family time and have a nice dinner. And i got a badass new camera. Thanks to the glory of Facebook, i did get about a million birthday wishes. Thanks.

But i’m going to officially celebrate the date of my birth this weekend in…….

Costa Rica. Oh yeah, six days of reclined bliss in a Rain Forest that just happens to butt up to the Pacific Ocean.

This will most likely be my last post from this country, cause i got another busy day tomorrow. So (hoping i can find some sort of Internet service in the jungle) the next time you hear from me, i’ll be layin’ in a hammock with my new copy of To Live’s To Fly and a piña colada.

P.S. – expect a ton of kickass pictures like this one upon my return………

Until then, enjoy some tunes especially picked out for today:

mp3: The Everybodyfields – Birthday
buy Nothing Is Okay (2007)

mp3: Neil Young – Old Man
buy Harvest (1972)

mp3: Todd Snider – Age Like Wine
buy East Nashville Skyline (2004)

mp3: Slaid Cleaves – One Good Year
buy Broke Down (2000)

mp3: Ryan Adams – Born Yesterday (since it’s now way past midnight)
from Live At The Brewery (1999)

I’m a Hard, Hard Worker……

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Okay, i’m not really – i procrastinate with the best of ‘em – but i’m trying to talk myself into becoming a good student. Just for like the next 2 months. Then no more school. Ever.

i know it’s been a while since my last post, but i’ve just had no time. The plan was to catch up on school work during Spring Break, but Vegas and a few days back home totally nullified any chances of that happening. This week i’ve got 2 (late) midterms and then there’s that online class i haven’t done anything for. I told myself that whenever i feel like blog-browsing or writing a post i will work on the online class instead. So if my post frequency slows in the coming weeks, you know why. The only reason i feel like i can get this posted tonight is because i’m tired of studying and… oh yeah, i’m nocturnal. Seriously.

But i promise to get the next installment (Heartbreaker) of my Ryan Adams posts out as soon as i feel caught-up.

You know the drill – topic apropos songs:

the motivation:
mp3: The Avett Brothers – Hard Worker ~ from Mignonette (2004)
the problem:
mp3: The Everybodyfields – Wasted Time ~ from Nothing Is Okay (2007)
mp3: The Great Divide – Other Side of Midnight ~ from Remain (2002)
mp3: The Waifs – Up All Night ~ from Up All Night (2003)
the solution:
mp3: The Gougers – Sleeping Pills ~ from A Long Day For The Weathervane (2007)
the result:
mp3: The Avett Brothers – Go To Sleep ~ from Emotionalism (2007)


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So late last year, i invested in the biggest (160 gigs) iPod you can buy to store all my musical goodness. And to keep my computer running clean, i only kept about 1000 or so of the most essential mp3’s on my hard drive – the rest was on my ipod, which i basically used as an external drive.

Then one fateful day about a month ago, iTunes froze up on me. Instead of being patient – which i have a hard time doing – i ejected the iPod by right clicking on the device through ‘my computer’. Turned on my iPod and…………. ‘no music’


Upon closer inspection, 26 or so gigs of space were still taken up, but not as ‘music’. The files were listed under the category ‘other’….. so there’s some hope.

Restarted the iPod – no luck
Reinstalled iTunes – no luck
Read 1,043 forums regarding iPod problems – no luck

Apple’s only suggestion is to restore the iPod to factory settings – which deletes everything off the Ipod – and simply re-sync the device through iTunes. Great!…. if you have all your music on your computer – but that’s why i spent $300 on a HUGE iPod. Fuck you Steve Jobs.

Now, i could restore the iPod and load everything back on – i have it all somewhere, whether its on my old mp3 player or on cd’s – but that’s a lot of carpel-tunnel inducing hours. Plus, all the time i spent organizing artists, album information, genres, album art, etc. would be lost, and i would have to do it all again. And, come on, i’ve got a blog to write.

So, i sucked it up, shelled out some cash, and shipped out my beloved iPod to a tech restore company.

Got home from class today and a little brown box is waiting for me………

-Power ON-

**ok, so it seems you cannot take an un-fuzzy picture of an iPod.

anyway, you get the picture.

Back In Business!

here are some apropos songs:
mp3: Ryan Adams – Hallelujah ~ from Demolition (2002)
mp3: Willie Nelson – Hallelujah ~ from Songbird (2006)
mp3: The Everybodyfields – Everything Is Okay ~ from Nothing Is Okay (2007)
mp3: Todd Snider – Old Friend (with Jack Ingram) ~ from Peace, Love, and Anarchy (2007)

Artist Spotlight: Slaid Cleaves

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As i mentioned in a previous post, i use the Hype Machine ( to find, and listen to, a lot of music. It’s an amazing site, but you can’t find everything on there. It seems that a few a my favorite artists cannot be found in the blog world. But now that i have my own blog, i can change all that. And maybe in the process – turn some people on to some great musicians they may not know about.

First order of business……….

Slaid Cleaves

Slaid Cleaves. Grew up in Maine. Lives in Texas. Writes songs. Makes records. Travels around. Tries to be good. (courtesey

Maybe it’s beacause he’s not heavy into the MySpace thing (until a few days ago, he hadn’t updated his page since his early ‘06 album release), maybe it’s because he isn’t the most prolific guy around (only 7 albums in 18 years, and nothing in the works), or maybe it’s because he doesn’t tour like a madman (although he does cross the pond occasionally), but whatever the reason no one is blogging about Slaid Cleaves is beyond me. This guy is, in my opinion, the best troubadour in the folk scene alive today.
He is a singer, a songwriter, a guitar player, but you only need one word to describe Slaid best:

He tells sorrowful stories of love gone wrong, depression era depictions of a dying towns, mythic adventures of Canadian Lumberjacks, and action-packed laments from the perspective of an aging horse jockey. Oh, and he can Yodel like a sonofabitch.

But i’m not here to give artist bio’s, so i’ll just give you a chronologic song sampling, highlighting some of those captivating stories….

don’t be a jackass – go here and buy these straight from Slaid himself. Or iTunes, if that’s your thing. But all songs are right-click, save as.

mp3: Smitten ~ from The Promise (1990)
This is one of only two songs i have from this out-of-print album. It’s obviously early Slaid, but it still has that true singer-songwriter feel.

mp3: Tell Me ~ from Life’s Other Side (1992)

Another album i can’t seem to get may hands on, but this heartfelt song will keep me trying.
mp3: No Angel Knows ~ from No Angel Knows (1997)

Here, we find Slaid Cleaves coming into that sound of his i love so much. Some sorta mix between bluegrass and blues thats sounds like an old jug band sittin in a swamp somewhere. Complete with fiddle and a thumpin’ stand-up bass.

mp3: Lydia ~ from Broke Down (2000)

Broke Down was released not long before i came across Mr. Cleaves, and has become his career-making album. Although this isn’t Slaid’s song (Karen Poston wrote it – check her out) it shook me to the core the first time i heard it and still does. He delivers a despairing tune of a woman twice-scarred by coal mine tragedy.

mp3: Below ~ from Wishbones (2004)

My favorite album of his, Wishbones shows Slaid in his best storytelling effort. It took me a while to narrow it down to just one song to show off these amazing accounts, but Below is a story of a small town doomed to be flooded when the dam is built. BUY THIS RECORD!
a similar story and a great song here about the Tennessee Valley Authority:
mp3: The Everybodyfields – T.V.A. [MySpace] [iTunes]

mp3: Fairest of Them All ~ from Unsung (2006)

Unsung is one of the coolest concept albums i’ve heard. It’s a covers album, but not of overdone, well-known covers. Instead, Slaid carefully picked songs from his peers (some virtually unknown) that perfectly fit his style. Just from listening, you would never know these weren’t his songs. Fairest of Them All is a song by Ana Egge.


Ok, so i couldn’t help myself. Here are a couple more good stories from Wishbones.

mp3: Quick as Dreams

mp3: New Year’s Day

Top 10 Songs of 2007

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Here is the second post from my myspace blog.
originally posted on January 13th, 2008 @ 3:42pm

Top 10 Songs of 2007

we will continue without too much rambling…..
you’ll notice a lot of these songs of the year come from my albums of the year, but i planned it so i wouldn’t duplicate any of the songs……’re welcome for the free music – but do yourself (and the artists) a favor and go out and pick em up.

10. The Kooks – She Moves in Her Own Way
Inside In/Inside Out – Astralwerks

This was the first song i heard off of Inside In/Inside Out, and i coulnd’t get enough of Luke Pritchard’s super British accent. Once i figured out what he was even saying, it made it all that much better.

9. The Everybodyfields – Aeroplane
Nothing is Okay – Ramseur Records

From the time i first popped Nothing is Okay in the cd player and that fiddle came screamin’ in on the track 1, i was sold The Everybodyfields.

8. Ryan Adams – Goodnight Rose
Easy Tiger – Lost Highway

What a way to kick off an album. No foreplay – just straight into what Ryan does best: a rockin’, memorable guitar riff and powerful lyrics delivered like only he can.

7. Deer Tick – Diamond Rings 2007
War Elephant – Feow Records

Don’t know why he put that 2007 on the end of the title, but it kinda makes sense now doesn’t it? John McCauley gives a jangly, tamborine filled song with enough echoey reverb to make Jack White happy.

6. Feist – 1234
The Reminder – Interscope Records

Most of us first heard this on the iPod nano commercial, and (consequently or not) i soon after starting getting into more indie rock like this. This song starts pretty simply – a little acoustic guitar and Feist’s voice – but turns into one huge party as her vocals soar. Horn sections, dozens of backup vocals, jazzy piano, and lays back down with just a plunky banjo. The video’s pretty cool, too.

5.Spoon – The Underdog
Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga – Merge Records

i consider myself to like pretty tradtional music and always enjoy stripped down acoustic stuff, but the crazy amount of shit goin’ on in The Underdog is what drew me in. There’s a horn section, a booming bass drum, and about a dozen different noise makers (maracas, shakers, tambourines, hand claps, some sort of stick bangin’ on a bottle, and probably much more) that all culminate into a crash landing at the end. And not one bit is unnecesary.

4. The Kooks – Naive
Inside In/Inside Out – Astralwerks

The second gem i came across from the album is a little more rockin’ than She Moves…. but again it’s that accent that makes the song. Somehow i don’t think anyone without a British accent could cover this and do it justice.

3. Josh Ritter – The Temptation of Adam
The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter – Sony USA

Normally a song that mentions the inevitability of WWIII would immediately get skipped on my playlist, but Josh does this futuristic look at Adam and Eve controlling the fate of the world too cleverly not to enjoy.

2. The Avett Brothers – Paranoia in Bb Major
Emotionalism – Ramseur Records

From the first ring of the Scott’s banjo, to Seth’s guttural “yeah’s”, to every single plunk of Bob Crawford’s bass, this song is pure energy manifested into one of the best folk-rock songs ever.

1.Bright Eyes – Four Winds
Cassadaga – Saddle Creek Records

Some the best fiddle solos i’ve ever heard mixed with Conor’s philosopher-like lyrics on top a driving rhythm combine to make my number one song of 2007. Just check out the lyrics:

Your class, your caste, your country, sect, your name or your tribe
There’s people always dying trying to keep them alive
There’s bodies decomposing in containers tonight
In an abandoned building where…

The squatters made a mural of a Mexican girl
With fifteen cans of spray paint in a chemical swirl
She’s standing in the ashes at the end of the world
Four Winds blowing through her hair

But when Great Satan’s gone…
the Whore of Babylon…
She just can’t sustain the pressure where it’s placed
She caves

The Bible’s blind. The Torah’s deaf. The Qu’ran is mute.
If you burned them all together you’d get close to the truth
Still they’re pouring over Sanskrit under Ivy League moons
While shadows lengthen the sun

Cast on a school and meditation built to soften the times
And hold us at the center while the spiral unwinds
It’s knocking over fences, crossing property lines
Four Winds cry until it comes

It’s the Sum of Man slouching towards Bethlehem
A heart just can’t contain all of that empty space
It breaks. It breaks. It breaks.

Well I went back by rented Cadillac and company jet
Like a newly orphaned refugee retracing my steps
All the way to Cassadaga to commune with the dead
They said, “You’d better look alive”
And now it’s off to old Dakota where a genocide sleeps
In the Black Hills, the Badlands, the calloused East
I buried my ballast. I made my peace.
Heard Four Winds leveling the pines

But when Great Satan’s gone
The Whore of Babylon
She just can’t remain with all that outer space
She breaks. She breaks. She caves. She caves.