New Digs: Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers….

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Focusing on one artist today for New Digs.
This one deserves a full post.

Samantha Crain is the newest addition to the stellar lineup that Ramseur Records is amassing. Ramseur reached even farther West this time – all the way to rustic Shawnee, OK. Samantha is just 21, but writes and sings with the conviction of an old-soul. Maybe it’s the Choctaw heritage or maybe it’s that long line of Oklahoma folkies that precede her, but Samantha’s tales of sorrow, tinged with lighthearted spunk, feel as dust-worn as any Woody Guthrie or Bob Childers song.

Along with her band, The Midnight Shivers, Samantha self-produced and self-released The Confiscation EP. Ramseur stumbled upon the burgeoning folk band and decided to re-release the EP on July 22nd of this year. Buy it.

i found Samantha and her music on Hear Ya Indie Music Blog. Much like Daytrotter, they feature exclusive live-in-studio tracks from indie artists. The sound is great and, especially in the case of The Midnight Shivers, the cuts seem as polished as album tracks. Check out Samantha’s session.

Traipsin’ Through The Aisles (HearYa Live Session)
From Where Come You Division? (HearYa Live Session)

In Smithereens, the Search for Affinity (Confiscation EP)
Beloved, We Have Expired (Confiscation EP)

great titles, huh?
check out Introducing Samantha Crain (YouTube)


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i’d stare too.

Head on over to the Daytrotter website and pick up the songs from The Everybodyfields‘ session. One from Nothing Is Okay and three new ones. Good stuff.

In other linked news, i’ve been made a ‘regular’ over at SMM, so go check some of my posts out – i plan on getting one or two up later tonight.

ps – my posts are unintentionally becoming longer and much more writing intensive, so i’m gonna attempt to put more simple ones like this up in the next few weeks.

The Avett Brothers: New Release……

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crazy hair/beards, fancy dress, and cattle

This isn’t brand new news, but This Mornin‘….. favorite The Avett Brothers are set to release a new disc soon. A second EP in their Gleam series is due out July 22nd.

i don’t have too much info on the EP, but i know that for the first time, a Ramseur release will be available on Vinyl. Awesome.

Ramseur says:
“The record walks calmly and powerfully among fragile and hard-learned
themes of life and song, passing through loss, change, hope, death,
dedication to family, late nights in the hospital, love as always, and much more.”

As far as what’s gonna be on it, word on the street is it will include a couple new songs they’ve been playing live: If I Get Murdered In The City and My Heart Beats Like a Kick Drum

mp3: The Avett Brothers – If I Get Murdered In The City (live)
i got this track from a
Captain Obvious post of an interview with Scott Avett.

Here’s another song of theirs that blows my mind. Love the intro:
mp3: The Avett Brothers – Pretty Girl At The Airport
buy Mignonette (2004)

Buy the first Gleam EP from the brothers here.

Mailbox Music: Bomb, Bomb, Bomb…..

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“teach me your alphabet so i can break your code”

In My Mailbox Today — A Buzz, A Buzz from North Carolina’s Bombadil.
The coolest part == it doesn’t come out until April 29th!

These guys contacted me about a week ago, asking if i would be interested in an advance copy of their first full-length release. Uhh, i guess i’ll take a free CD…….
Bombadil has recently been signed to Ramseur Records (The Avett Brothers, The Everybodyfields) – whom, upon the aquistion of this new record, i’ve decided is the best emerging record label in the country. They sign unique, energetic, and super-talented acts from around their home base of NC.

i decided not to download any Bombadil tracks off The Hype, nor did i stream anything from their MySpace – i wanted to hear the album with no preconceptions at all – all i knew about ‘em was the description given to me via their e-mail:

“We are proud of our folk roots, but we also like to incorporate elements of everything from bolivian folk tunes to psychedelic rock.We’ve been described recently as ‘A long-lost Elephant 6 band who spent the last 10 years listening to mid-60s Dylan.’”

Popped the CD in on my way to school this morning, and what i heard was like a surprising, but well-needed water balloon to the face. It broke me out of the monotony that is this semester, and put me in an energized, good mood. This fearless, inventive four-piece band from Durham, NC employs a gaggle of instruments including: guitar, piano, mando, banjo, organ, xylophone, trumpet, flute, and some pretty interesting percussion. The vocals wander throughout the members of the band and are, at times, as spontaneous as the music. But somehow, through all the chaos, you come away with some pleasing indie-folk tunes. The opener is the calmest effort on the disc – a simple, but engaging little piano song:

mp3: Bombadil – Trip Out West

Bombadil’s utter disregard for conventional song structure causes them to exude a certain type of confidence and bravery that seems to be a running theme in everything Ramseur puts out:

mp3: Bombadil – Rosetta Stone

Just for fun, and to feed my wandering mind, i Googled Bombadil, and found out that Tom Bombadil was a character in The Lord of the Rings (book, not movie). i am, by no means, a sci-fi fan, but apparently he was some sort of hobbit:

“Tom Bombadil is a spry fellow, with a quick, playful wit. He has a jolly, carefree attitude, and very little seems to concern him”

Whether or not the guys in Bombadil knew that, the description of Tom is equally a perfect depiction of their musical style.

mp3: Bombadil – Cavaliers Har Hur

pick up A Buzz, A Buzz on April 29th…