Cover/Uncovered: The Weight….

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a Cover/Uncovered. I came across one of the following tunes earlier today and quickly realized this song should’ve been one of the first examined for this feature post.

Songwriting credits are a somewhat debated topic when it comes to The Band. I remember reading once that Robbie Robertson had the biggest part in constructing this one, but I like to think Levon and the rest of the gang did their fair share. The tune takes place in the town of Nazareth (in Pennsylvania) – the home of the Martin Guitar Company – and features a cast of interesting characters encountered around town. Robertson says of the song:

In “The Weight” it was this very simple thing. Someone says, “Listen, would you do me this favour? When you get there will you say ‘hello’ to somebody or will you give somebody this or will you pick up one of these for me? Oh? You’re going to Nazareth, that’s where the Martin guitar factory is. Do me a favour when you’re there.” This is what it’s all about. So the guy goes and one thing leads to another and it’s like “Holy Shit, what’s this turned into? I’ve only come here to say ‘hello’ for somebody and I’ve got myself in this incredible predicament.”

Live, ‘The Weight’ is absolutely epic. The ever-growing number of verses, multi-part harmonies, and irresistible crowd interaction combine to make the tune a live staple. And not only for The Band. Just check out the Wiki page to see an immense list of folks that have been known to include the The Weight in their sets. The song was a nightly standard at most of the ‘Texas Music/Red Dirt’ shows I attended throughout high school and college, nearly matching the encore-worthy popularity of Cross Canadian Ragweed’s Boys From Oklahoma.

Cover: Cody Canada, et al – The Weight
Cody (of Cross Canadian Ragweed) is joined in an acoustic set by Mike McClure, Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland, and the then just sprouting Ryan Bingham. McClure adds a little comedy when he botches his verse, only to improvise a freestyle rhyme. The performance is highlighted by Stoney’s chilling vocals.

The following song (and video) is one I’ve been studying up on lately, as in less than two weeks, I will head East to Tennessee to catch two performances of The Big Surprise Tour – Old Crow Medicine Show, The Felice Brothers, Justin Townes Earle, all joined on stage by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. You couldn’t ask for a better folk lineup in today’s music world (well maybe if you added The Avetts in there). But more on this later – I plan on doing some kind of pre-road trip post regarding the shows.

Cover: Gillian Welch, Dave Rawlings, OCMS – The Weight
I love that these guys take the song back to its roots, slowing it down and revealing the true beauty in the melody. These six folks can make any song sound like it was born out of bluegrass, but it really shines here.

As good as Stoney sounds when he says “and he caught me in the fog” or Willie does when he belts “if you take Jack, my dog,” neither gives me the feeling I get when Levon Helm begins The Band’s version.

Uncovered: The Band – The Weight
purchase Music From Big Pink (1968)
Uncovered: The Band – The Weight (live at The Palladium, 1976)

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Playlist Pulse: Raawwk…..

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Self-explanatory. Turn it up.
  1. The Kooks – See The World
    buy Inside In/Inside Out (2006)
  2. Cross Canadian Ragweed – Don’t Need You
    buy Purple (2002)
  3. The Black Keys – Thickfreakness
    buy Thickfreakness (2003)
  4. Deer Tick – Standing At The Threshold
    from War Elephant (2007)
  5. Ryan Adams – Shallow
    buy Rock N Roll (2003)

"Today on the Countryside it was A-Hotter than a Crotch…"

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Stood at my, uh……….. front gate today.

Just thought i’d brag a little on my new homestead. If it weren’t somewhere near 117 degrees out here, i’d spend a little more quality time outdoors.
So until it gets cooler, i’ll resort to short photographic expeditions returning to the AC only to make useless posts about them….

Mike McClure Band – Out in the Fields
Bright Eyes – Landlocked Blues
buy I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning (2004)
Cross Canadian Ragweed – Nowhere, TX
Matt Powell – A Place Where I Can Breathe
buy Dragonfly (2001)

Super Photo Post: Costa Rica

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i’ve just about finished going through the hundreds of pictures taken while in Costa Rica.
If you like a laid-back place with lots to do, and some of the most amazing scenery – get your ass to Costa Rica. The locals are super-friendly, everyone accepts the American dollar, cabs and vans are cheap and plentiful, and – according to our driver, César – every town, no matter how small, has at least one bar, and one soccer field. They got their priorities lined up down there.

So to show off my newfound hobby of photography (my family kept begging me to take pictures of them, but i feel that people just mess up the shot – trees don’t blink), i’ve decided to post some of the best pictures of Costarrican scenery with a related song (or two) to accompany it.


(pictures are thumbnails – click them for full size)

mp3: Charlie Robison – Sunset Boulevard

mp3: Old 97’s – She Loves The Sunset

mp3: Creedence Clearwater Revival – Run Through The Jungle
mp3: Old Crow Medicine Show – Big Time In The Jungle

mp3: Cross Canadian Ragweed – Flowers
mp3: The Great Divide – Wildflower

mp3: The Avett Brothers – If It’s The Beaches
mp3: Ryan Adams – Waves Crashing

mp3: Squeeze – Tempted (by the Fruit of Another)
mp3: Bright Eyes – Lime Tree

mp3: South Austin Jug Band – Falls So Fast
mp3: Reckless Kelly – Floodwater

mp3: The Rolling Stones – Monkey Man
The Beatles – Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me & My Monkey

*Scroll down to my slideshow at the bottom to see even more pictures…..

Stay tuned for the first-ever
This Mornin’….. guest post.

Righteous Kill…..

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i don’t normally talk about movies here at This Mornin‘….. but why not shake things up a bit? i’m workin‘ on a new computer and just revamped some graphics and colors on my page (new comp has Photoshop, so expect me to go a little crazy getting to know how to use it).

Tonight i came across something that really interested me. For the first time since Heat (1995) Al Pacino and Robert De Niro will co-star in a movie.

“Righteous Kill”

The only other time the two appeared on the bill together was for The Godfather: Part II, but they didn’t even share a scene. In Heat, they only had like… 2 scenes together. This time, in an indie film directed by Jon Avnet, these two cinematic badasses team up and share the screen for most of the film. Veteran NYC Detectives, Pacino and De Niro are after a vigilante killer who some say is doing their job for them. Just watch……

mp3: The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil

It’s due in theaters in September.

From that trailer, the theme of the movie seems to center around the power of the gun, so here are some fitting tunes:

mp3: Reckless Kelly – Sixgun
mp3: The Rosewood Thieves – Silver Gun
buy Rise and Shine (2008)

mp3: Cross Canadian Ragweed – Hammer Down
buy Soul Gravy (2004)

mp3: The Black Keys – Just a Little Heat
buy Magic Potion (2006)

mp3: The Felice Brothers – Hey Hey, Revolver
** interesting note about this song – Rumor has it that The Felice Brothers did some recording for this album in everything from school buses to leaky chicken coops and tried to get some real rain sounds and so on. i read that the pop you hear about 35 seconds in was a very near lightning strike. Seems plausible to to me, cause if you listen close you’ll hear thunder just a few seconds afterwards…..

i was gonna write this post on time, but…..

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i meant to get this posted yesterday (sunday), but i’m still awake, so it’s still Arpil 20th to me.
No further explanation is needed. Enjoy some tunes….

first, to set the mood:

mp3: Foghat – Slow Ride ~ from Fool For The City (1975)
i know it’s a little cliché, but it just feels right….
mp3: The Black Crowes – Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye ~ from The Southern Harmony… (1992)
mp3: The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter ~ from Let It Bleed (1969)
mp3: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Cold Roses (live) ~ from The Loft Sessions (2005)
mp3: Bob Marley – Stir It Up
the mix:
mp3: Cross Canadian Ragweed – Mother Freedom Song (live)
mp3: Mike McClure – Put In Bay (acoustic)
mp3: Reckless Kelly – Wiggles & Ritalin ~ from Reckless Kelly Was Here (2006)
mp3: Brandon Jenkins – Gideon’s Bible (live)
mp3: Band of Horses – Weed Party ~ from Everything All The Time (2006)
mp3: Old 97’s – Smokers ~ from Drag It Up (2004)
mp3: Guy Clark – Worry Be Gone ~ from Workbench Songs (2006)

Sunshine Blues….

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Ever realized that sometimes the blues can make you feel, well….. not blue? There’s some kinda uplifiting quality that comes through when you hear a loud, vibrant guitar set to a a groovy melody – and maybe a harp thrown in, too. Sure, there are plenty of bluesy songs that are down right heartwrenching, but if the artists set out to write a blues tune cuz they’re feeling down, then it just seems natural that a hopeful song might emerge. So on this cool, sunny day, i’m in the mood for some groovy blues……

Old School Blues:
mp3: Bob Dylan – Meet Me In The Morning ~ from Blood On The Tracks (1975)
mp3: Nick Drake – Black Mountain Blues ~ from Family Tree (2007)
mp3: Townes Van Zandt – Black Widow Blues ~ from In The Beginning (1966)
mp3: Bob Dylan – Standin’ On The Highway ~ bootleg from WBAI Radio Interview, NYC (1962)

Bluegrassy Blues:
mp3: Chris Thile – If The Sea Was Whiskey ~ from How To Grow A Woman From The Ground (2006)
mp3: Otis Taylor – Shakie’s Gone ~ from Truth Is Not Fiction (2003)
mp3: Old Crow Medicine Show – Can’t Get Right Blues ~ from OCMS LIVE (2003)

Folky Blues:
mp3: The Avett Brothers – Backwards With Time ~ from The Gleam [EP] (2006)
mp3: Iron & Wine – The Devil Never Sleeps ~ from The Shepherd’s Dog (2007)
*by the way, i definately missed the ball by not including
this album in my Best of 2007 post*
mp3: Patty Griffin – Stay On The Ride ~ from Children Running Through (2007)
mp3: Steve Earle – Tennessee Blues ~ from Washington Square Serenade (2007)

Rockin’ Blues:
mp3: The Black Keys – Just a Little Heat ~ from Magic Potion (2006)
mp3: The Black Keys – Hold Me In Your Arms ~ from Thickfreakness (2003)
mp3: Cross Canadian Ragweed – Suicide Blues ~ from Purple (2002)
mp3: Ryan Adams – Tina Toledo’s Street Walkin’ Blues ~ from Gold (2001)