Music Videos for May

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Got a string of videos for you… all new.

Dawes – When My Time Comes

The Black Keys – Tighten Up

also check out the preliminary version, featuring a singing dinosaur.

Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers – Sante Fe

Scott Avett – Marriage (Bombadil Cover)

Josh Ritter – Change of Time (live)

Phoenix – NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Spring/Summer Album Release Update

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Over the last few months I’ve posted quite a few notices of Album Releases spread across April, May, and June. Here’s a re-cap for your pre/late ordering pleasure all in one convenient place:


6th/ Dr. Dog – Shame, Shame

buy: [CD][Vinyl][Digital]

I only recently became a Dr. Dog fan, but since I finally gave their 2008 album Fate a listen, they’re basically ALL I’ve been spinning. I also had the pleasure of catching their live show in Austin a couple weeks back, and it was THE BEST rock and roll show I’ve ever seen. If at all possible catch this tour – the light show is mindblowing.

Dr. Dog - I Only Wear Blue


20th/ Horse Feathers – Thistled Spring

buy: [CD][Vinyl][Digtal]

The third album from this acoustic folk outfit from Portland dropped late last month. I received my vinyl copy a few weeks ago, but haven’t had the chance to fully enjoy it yet. This one sounded good on the first pass:

Horse Feathers - Vernonia Blues



4th/ Josh Ritter – So Runs The World Away

buy: [CD][Vinyl][Digtal]

I’ll be honest, So Runs The World Away kinda bored me on the first listen. The second time through, the latter half of the disc sounded better – especially this one with it’s busy acoustic guitar:

Josh Ritter - Lark


11th/ Sam Quinn + Japan Ten – The Fake That Sunk 1,000 Ships

buy: [CD][Digtal]

Sam’s first solo endeavor, The Fake That Sunk 1,000 Ships showcases the heartbreaking songwriting ability we all came to love with The Everybodyfields.

Sam Quinn + Japan Ten - So Strong


18th/ Band of Horses – Infinite Arms

pre-order: [CD][Vinyl][Digtal]

I’ve given this one a few spins since picking it up and I like just about everything I’ve heard. This one seems to be a more melodic record than previous Band of Horses albums.

Band of Horses - Laredo removed by request


18th/ The Black Keys – Brothers

pre-order: [CD][Vinyl][Digtal]

The world’s best Blues/Rock duo has done it again with Brothers, the band’s 8th studio album. They continue to invent the grooviest of grooves, but Brothers isn’t as raw as the rest of their catalog – Dan’s songwriting shows through nearly as strong as on his solo album.

The Black Keys - Howlin' For You



8th/ Deer Tick – The Black Dirt Sessions

pre-order: [CD][Vinyl]

Following their meteoric rise over the last two years, the Providence Grunge-Folk Rockers Deer Tick release their third full album. They opened for Dr. Dog this month in Austin and from the sampling we heard, this one should be stellar.

Deer Tick - Twenty Miles


22nd/ Various – Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows (John Prine Tribute Album)

pre-order: [CD]

An All-Star cast of today’s best folk musicians came together to pay tribute to one of folk music’s best songwriters of all time. Whether it’s Justin Vernon, Josh Ritter, Willie Watson, or John McCauley doing the singing, the simply perfect melodies never let you forget you’re hearing a John Prine song.

Old Crow Medicine Show - Angel From Montgomery

Record Store Day

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Today, Saturday April 17, 2010 is Record Store Day. Support your local independent record store and celebrate the vinyl record with some special RSD exclusive releases. Check out the full list of releases – and find your nearest participating store.

I started the day at Waterloo Records – easily the biggest selection of RSD releases in Austin. But I wasn’t the only one with that idea. By 11am the best grabs were already picked over. The early vinyl release of Josh Ritter’s So The World Runs Away was gone quickly, as were Rolling Stones and Neil Young 7″s. I did manage to find The Black Keys 12″ single, ‘Tighten Up’/'Howlin For You’ at Antone’s. Also picked up a Doors 7″ and an old Doc Watson re-issue.

Check out ‘Tighten Up’ from The Black Keys’ upcoming album Brothers (out 5.18) below:

Tighten Up

Now, off to catch The Happen-Ins in the Hill-Country…

The Black Keys Ready Album for May (New Track)

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Blues-Rock duo The Black Keys have been busy as of late. In addition to their many side projects (Black Roc – a Hip-Hop/Fuzzy Rock collaboration of TBK and Mos Def, et al; a debut album from Patrick Carney’s band Drummer; Dan Auerbach’s latest solo album, Keep It Hid), the band somehow found time to record their sixth album. Brothers will be released May 18th through Nonesuch Records.

**Update: reposting this with the first single from the album


1. Everlasting Light
2. Next Girl
3. Tighten Up
4. Howlin’ For You
5. She’s Long Gone
6. Black Mud
7. The Only One
8. Too Afraid To Love You
9. Ten Cent Pistol
10. Sinister Kid
11. The Go Getter
12. I’m Not The One
13. Unknown Brother
14. Never Gonna Give You Up
15. These Days

Here’s a B-Side cover I found in my library:

The Black Keys - Funk #49 (Bonus Track)

Playlist Pulse: Raawwk…..

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Self-explanatory. Turn it up.
  1. The Kooks – See The World
    buy Inside In/Inside Out (2006)
  2. Cross Canadian Ragweed – Don’t Need You
    buy Purple (2002)
  3. The Black Keys – Thickfreakness
    buy Thickfreakness (2003)
  4. Deer Tick – Standing At The Threshold
    from War Elephant (2007)
  5. Ryan Adams – Shallow
    buy Rock N Roll (2003)

Righteous Kill…..

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i don’t normally talk about movies here at This Mornin‘….. but why not shake things up a bit? i’m workin‘ on a new computer and just revamped some graphics and colors on my page (new comp has Photoshop, so expect me to go a little crazy getting to know how to use it).

Tonight i came across something that really interested me. For the first time since Heat (1995) Al Pacino and Robert De Niro will co-star in a movie.

“Righteous Kill”

The only other time the two appeared on the bill together was for The Godfather: Part II, but they didn’t even share a scene. In Heat, they only had like… 2 scenes together. This time, in an indie film directed by Jon Avnet, these two cinematic badasses team up and share the screen for most of the film. Veteran NYC Detectives, Pacino and De Niro are after a vigilante killer who some say is doing their job for them. Just watch……

mp3: The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil

It’s due in theaters in September.

From that trailer, the theme of the movie seems to center around the power of the gun, so here are some fitting tunes:

mp3: Reckless Kelly – Sixgun
mp3: The Rosewood Thieves – Silver Gun
buy Rise and Shine (2008)

mp3: Cross Canadian Ragweed – Hammer Down
buy Soul Gravy (2004)

mp3: The Black Keys – Just a Little Heat
buy Magic Potion (2006)

mp3: The Felice Brothers – Hey Hey, Revolver
** interesting note about this song – Rumor has it that The Felice Brothers did some recording for this album in everything from school buses to leaky chicken coops and tried to get some real rain sounds and so on. i read that the pop you hear about 35 seconds in was a very near lightning strike. Seems plausible to to me, cause if you listen close you’ll hear thunder just a few seconds afterwards…..

Playlist Pulse………

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Today i’m introducing a new recurring post topic: Playlist Pulse. It’s an easy way to get a few songs up on a post and won’t take me long to write. i’ll simply pick a playlist i’ve made in iTunes, hit shuffle, and post the first 5 songs that show up. If i feel the need for elaboration, i might occasionally say a few things about some of the songs.

i try to give every song i really enjoy a good listen and decide if it fits into one of my many playlist categories. The playlist i chose to pull from first is my ‘Bluesy’ collection. These aren’t all necessarily blues songs – they just have that guitar driven/minor chord/down & out feel:

  1. mp3: The Black Crowes – Walk Believer Walk ~ buy Warpaint (2008)
  2. mp3: The Black Keys – Lies ~ buy Attack & Release (2008)
  3. mp3: Willie Nelson – Rainy Day Blues ~ buy Songbird (2006)
    If you consider yourself a fan of Willie Nelson and/or Ryan Adams, you should own this album. Almost entirely a ‘covers’ album produced by Ryan Adams, Songbird shows Willie’s versatility and ability to make any song his own. With The Cardinals as Willie’s backing band, the album takes on that grungy electric feel, but somehow still retains the charm of Mr. Nelson.
  4. mp3: James Gang (Joe Walsh) – Funk No. 49 ~ buy Rides Again (1970)
  5. mp3: Sam Cooke – Steal Away ~ buy Gosepl In My Soul (1977)


On a related note – check out my sidebar ——————->
for diect links to other recurring post topics (New Digs, Cover/Uncovered, Artist Spotlight)

New Digs……

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My New Digs for this week are some of the first stand-outs from a few of the albums i’ve picked up recently. The initial surge from the flood of Spring releases has hit, and i would have until about May to catch up, but Konk comes out next Tuesday – and that’s a big one.


The Kooks’ Inside In/Inside Out was a huge debut album (it was #2 on my best of 2007 post). i don’t even look at record sales, but judging simply from the buzz, if you will, it garnered for those skinny Brits, they’re doin’ alright. This hype will carry on for Konk, but i’m excited to see what the’ve done with it. Having another killer album may very well solidify their names….. somewhere. And i’m not trying to insinuate and sort of Second Coming or anything, but i definately hear some of whatever it was The Stones had (have – whatever) in their guitars and hook writing. And i’m rooting for ‘em. i always wanna be in the presence of greatness – everybody wanted to see Davidson make it to the final four, but i wanted to see 4 #1’s, so i was rooting for Kansas - record-breakers, never before’s, and especially beginings of legends. Buy it Tuesday…


These New Digs are mostly upbeat, since it generally takes a little longer (hearing the lyrics) to pick out great slow songs:

mp3: The Black Keys – Psychotic Girl ~ from Attack & Release
mp3: The Black Keys – Same Old Thing ~ from Attack & Release
The groove initiated by the banjo in Psychotic Girl is what pulled me into that tune. And the flute in Psychotic Girl is a throwback that hints on The Marshall Tucker Band.

mp3: The Felice Brothers – Greatest Show On Earth ~ from The Felice Brothers
This song effortlessly wanders between a slow-rolling ballad and a raucus barroom jam complete with old-time piano and trumpet. They carry on the same attitude with this one:
mp3: The Felice Brothers – Love Me Tenderly ~ from The Felice Brothers

mp3: Hayes Carll – Don’t Let Me Fall ~ from Trouble In Mind

mp3: Hayes Carll – Willing To Love Again ~ from Trouble In Mind
Hayes can sometimes drift a little too far on the Honky-Tonk side for my taste, so i tend to perfer the slower ones like these (and Long Way Home posted here).

i also just got a copy of Loaded from The Wood Brothers, but i’ve got something else planned for that one….


Spring Album Release Forecast….

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Alright, so February is almost over, and i’m pumped. Beacause, starting in March, a flood of great albums are coming out. Seeing as i’m pretty new to this music journalism (hardly…) world, i don’t have any cool new friends on the inside to give me any exclusive news or tracks, but i’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve. For some of these that are coming out a little further in the future, i’ll re-remind you, but here are the forthcoming album releases on my radar:

3.4.08 (Big Day)

The Black Crowes – Warpaint (Silver Arrow)

The first release from the soulful Black Crowes in 7 years is set for early March. 10 of the 11 tracks were written by Chris and Rich, and the album marks the debut for two new band members: guitarist Luther Dickinson and keyboardist Adam MacDougall.

1. Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution
2. Walk Believer Walk
3. Oh Josephine
4. Evergreen
5. Wee Who See The Deep
6. Locust Street
7. Movin’ On Down The Line
8. Wounded Bird
9. God’s Got It ~ this is the same song that OCMS did on Big Iron World, written by The Reverend Charlie Jackson
10. There’s Gold In Them Hills
11. Whoa Mule
pre-order Warpaint here

The Felice Brothers – The Felice Brothers (Team Love)

The band (3 out of 4 are actual brothers), from upstate New York, released Tonight at the Arizona in the UK early last year. Upon returning to the States, they hooked up with Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes for some concert dates, and consequently he signed them to his label. The’ve been called ‘backwoods americana’ and have a perfectly un-polished sound with hints of Dylan, Townes, and Neil Young. Their self-titled American debut is due out March 4th.

here’s one from it:
mp3: The Felice Brothers – Wonderful Life

pre-order The Felice Brothers here

Whiskeytown – Stranger’s Almanac (Deluxe Edition) (Mood Food/Geffen)

i don’t know who decided to put this re-issue together, or why, but who fuckin’ cares. This isn’t just a re-mastered edition with a couple bonus tracks; this thing is like discovering an attic full of old vinyls. Ok, maybe not that cool, but listen: It’s a 2-disc set, the first of which is the original album (13 tracks) plus 5 bonus tracks from unreleased radio performances:

Bonus Tracks:

14. Houses on the Hill (live)
15. Nurse With the Pills (live)
16. I Don’t Care What You Think About Me (live)
17. Somebody Remembers the Rose (live)
18. Turn Around (live)

and disc 2 (19 of the 21 tracks are previously unreleased):

1. Indian Gown
2. 16 Days (acoustic version)
3. Somebody Remembers the Rose (acoustic version)
4. Avenues (acoustic version)
5. Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight (acoustic version)
6. Houses on the Hill (early version)
7. mp3: My Heart Is Broken*
8. I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash cover) (acoustic version)
9. Kiss & Make-Up
10. Barn’s on Fire
11. Dancing With the Women at the Bar (early version)
12. Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)
13. Breathe
14. Wither, I’m a Flower (previously released)
15. mp3: Luxury Liner**(Gram Parsons cover)
16. Theme for a Trucker
17. Streets of Sirens (previously released)
18. Turn Around (alternate version)
19. 10 Seconds
20. Ticket Time
21. The Rain Won’t Help You When It’s Over (True Believers cover)
* The song linked here is from a solo concert of Ryan’s (with help from Caitlin Cary) at The Brewery in Raleigh, NC in ‘99. The quality isn’t great, but here the song is stripped down to its core – Ryan is strumming just enough to keep in time. The vocals are amazing and, compared to the version that showed up on Jacksonville City Nights, much slower, which reveals just how, well…. heartbreaking the song really is.
** i don’t know if this is the same version that’s gonna end up on the re-issue, but it is a studio cut i picked up somewhere along the way.
pre-order the Deluxe Edition here
Justin Townes Earle – The Good Life (Bloodshot)

The son of Steve Earle and namesake to Townes Van Zandt has a lot to live up to. And from what i’ve heard, he’s doin’ a pretty good job. He’s got just enough of his daddy’s gravelly growl, but with a little more energy. His background consists of performing in bluegrass/ragtime bands to full-out rock bands, and, of course, with his dad. He previously put out an EP, Yuma, from which i already posted a track.

1. mp3: Hard Livin’
2. The Good Life
3. mp3: Who Am I to Say
4. Lone Pine Hill
5. South Georgia Sugar Babe
6. What Do You Do When You’re Lonesome
7. Turn Out My Lights
8. Lonesome and You
9. Ain’t Glad I’m Leavin’
10. Faraway In Another Town

no pre-order found, but some info here



The Black Keys – Attack and Release (Nonesuch)
i’ve already posted a couple tracks from The Black Keys, but i haven’t really said much about ‘em. They’re an indie rock/blues duo (Dan Auerbach – guitar/vocals – and Patrick Carney – drums) from Akron, Ohio. If you listened to the tracks, you already know that they produce raw, in-your-face, super groovy electric rock music. They’ve got five previous releases – some recorded in Carney’s basement, and some in an abandoned tire facotry. Attack and Release will be their most polished record as of yet. Not only did they record in a real studio, but they enlisted the help of producer Danger Mouse. He’s the guy that famously remixed The Beatles White Album with Jay-Z’s Black Album. If you’re ever in the mood for some really loud, powerful tunes, put on The Black Keys.


1. All You Ever Wanted
2. I Got Mine
3. Strange Times – you can buy this single from iTunes now
4. Psychotic Girl
5. Lies
6. Remember When (Side A)
7. Remember When (Side B)
8. Same Old Thing
9. So He Won’t Break
10. Oceans & Streams
11. Things Ain’t Like They Used to Be
pre-order Attack and Release here and get a free tote bag with it???
Mike McClure Band – Streamline (Boohatch)
Streamline is tentatively scheduled for release on April 1st. This is simply info straight from Mike himself via his MySpace blog. Unless you’re into the Texas Music/Red Dirst music scene, you probably haven’t heard of Mike. He previoulsy fronted the somewhat successful country band The Great Divide. He split with them to go solo in ‘02 and since has put out five albums – one of which was a collaboration with fellow Okies The Burtschi Brothers. i plan on doing an artist spotlight on Mike soon, so i’ll stop there. The only confirmed tracks for Streamline are The Eagle and the Crow, and Supposed To Be. The following track was up on his MySpace a while ago, and could show up on the album as well:
mp3: Mike McClure – Another Place To Run
here’s another MySpace track that was posted at some time. A cover of a ZZ Top song that kinda sounds like some late night goofin’ off in his home studio:
mp3: Mike McClure – Legs

ordering information will be posted when i find it
Hayes Carll – Trouble in Mind (Lost Highway)

i’ve already posted some info, as well as one song, from this release here. You can also hear a few of the tracks on Hayes’ MySpace.

1. Drunken Poet’s Dream
2. It’s A Shame
3. Girl Downtown
4. Bad Liver And A Broken Heart
5. Beaumont
6. mp3: I Got A Gig
7. Faulkner Street
8. Wild As A Turkey
9. Don’t Let Me Fall
10. A Lover Like You
11. I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
12. Knockin’ Over Whiskeys
13. Willing To Love Again
14. She Left Me For Jesus

pre-order Trouble In Mind here


Flight of the Conchords – Flight of the Conchords (Sub Pop)
Unless you were living under a rock last summer, you heard about Flight of the Conchords. Brett and Jermaine are “New Zealand’s fourth most popular digi-folk paradists” (self-proclaimed). They created an HBO comedy show that aired on Sunday nights after Entourage after becoming popular as comedians that performed hilarious, satirical songs on Comedy Central and various late-night talk shows. On their show, they play a very unsuccessful band with no social skills – and spontaneously break into stupid songs. Ok, so that doesn’t sound very funny, but i promise it is. Anyway, their debut album, that includes re-worked songs from the show, is due out at the end of April. Check ‘em out:

mp3: Flight of the Conchords – Business Time

mp3: Flight of the Conchords – If You’re Into It

both from The Distant Future [EP] - Grammy nomination for the Best Comedy Album


The Dedringers – Sweetheart of the Neighborhood
- scheduled for Spring ‘08 release

The first time i saw the Dedringers, i hadn’t heard of them, but they were opening a show for Mike McClure. i was blown away. These guys – younger than i was – stole the show as much as an opener can. Really original songs, all with some sort of errie, haunting quality. Then, they were just a duo – Sean Faires and Jonny Burke. Since, they have added drums and bass and, more importantly, grown much more popular. By befriending fellow musician and producer McClure, as well as many others in the Texas Music realm, they starting getting bigger gigs and continued to impress people with their ‘wise-beyond-their-years’ songwriting talent. They self-released an EP titled Definately, Purposely Infinite (produced by McClure) as well as a Live At The Continental Club in Austin album that were both sold at their shows. Their debut album, Sweetheart, was produced by R.S. Field, who has done work for Billy Joe Shaver and Hayes Carll. Here’s the previoulsy released (i think i bought it from their MySpace page) title track from the album – most likely this is not the version that will be on Sweetheart, though:
mp3: The Dedringers – Sweetheart of the Neighborhood

happy shopping….

Sunshine Blues….

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Ever realized that sometimes the blues can make you feel, well….. not blue? There’s some kinda uplifiting quality that comes through when you hear a loud, vibrant guitar set to a a groovy melody – and maybe a harp thrown in, too. Sure, there are plenty of bluesy songs that are down right heartwrenching, but if the artists set out to write a blues tune cuz they’re feeling down, then it just seems natural that a hopeful song might emerge. So on this cool, sunny day, i’m in the mood for some groovy blues……

Old School Blues:
mp3: Bob Dylan – Meet Me In The Morning ~ from Blood On The Tracks (1975)
mp3: Nick Drake – Black Mountain Blues ~ from Family Tree (2007)
mp3: Townes Van Zandt – Black Widow Blues ~ from In The Beginning (1966)
mp3: Bob Dylan – Standin’ On The Highway ~ bootleg from WBAI Radio Interview, NYC (1962)

Bluegrassy Blues:
mp3: Chris Thile – If The Sea Was Whiskey ~ from How To Grow A Woman From The Ground (2006)
mp3: Otis Taylor – Shakie’s Gone ~ from Truth Is Not Fiction (2003)
mp3: Old Crow Medicine Show – Can’t Get Right Blues ~ from OCMS LIVE (2003)

Folky Blues:
mp3: The Avett Brothers – Backwards With Time ~ from The Gleam [EP] (2006)
mp3: Iron & Wine – The Devil Never Sleeps ~ from The Shepherd’s Dog (2007)
*by the way, i definately missed the ball by not including
this album in my Best of 2007 post*
mp3: Patty Griffin – Stay On The Ride ~ from Children Running Through (2007)
mp3: Steve Earle – Tennessee Blues ~ from Washington Square Serenade (2007)

Rockin’ Blues:
mp3: The Black Keys – Just a Little Heat ~ from Magic Potion (2006)
mp3: The Black Keys – Hold Me In Your Arms ~ from Thickfreakness (2003)
mp3: Cross Canadian Ragweed – Suicide Blues ~ from Purple (2002)
mp3: Ryan Adams – Tina Toledo’s Street Walkin’ Blues ~ from Gold (2001)