Viva la Vinyl: Now That You’re Gone 7″

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The reader poll I ran for the last two weeks is now closed. The feature posts you guys enjoy the most here at are my Artist Spotlights. It’s a safe bet to assume that this victory was due more to the Ryan Adams Spotlights than the features on other artists. Coming in 3rd – behind New Digs – was Viva la Vinyl, so what better way to kick off this new, more-informed posting than with a post that tackles 2 of the top 3 features in one.

When we left off, Ryan and Lost Highway had just released Love Is Hell. Soon after, a few different ‘Wonderwall’ singles were released (2 CDs and a 7″). Included with these singles were some great B-Sides (‘One By One’, ‘I Wanna Go Home’, and ‘Suspicion’) that all made the cut on my Ryan Adams B-Side collection Sweet Black Magic. This mixtape will only be available for a few more days, so if you haven’t already, go pick it up now.

After a 2004 Halloween Promo Disc I’ve already posted, the last music Ryan Adams released before 2005 was a PAX-AM 7″ featuring early versions of tunes that would be part of his first endeavor with The Cardinals. The Now That You’re Gone 7″ was the third and final (for five years, at least) release on his PAX-Americana label. Check out the first two.

A: Ryan Adams - Now That You're Gone (vinyl rip)
B: Ryan Adams - If I Am A Stranger (vinyl rip)

So this brings us to the magical year that was 2005. The next post in the spotlight will be on Cold Roses.
Get your jam pants on…

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Viva la Vinyl: Ryan Adams’ California 7"….

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Here’s another set of freshly-ripped vinyl tracks from none other than Ryan Adams. These songs make up the California 7″ EP, the second of the three PaxAM releases set free in 2004. All four sides of this collection are taken directly from 2000’s Exile on Franklin Street.

A: California
B: Waves Crashing

C: Secret Powers

D: Do You Wanna Get High?

I posted the vinyl tracks from Ryan’s first PaxAM release – The Rescue Blues EP - here and mentioned that there were rumors that Ryan was looking to resurrect the vinyl label. Well, unless there’s an imposter on a Ryan Adams forum, then the man himself has shared further details on the matter.

Wolfhunter says that certain, newer, unreleased material should be available “eventually.” Among the material to be released are Cardinology outtakes, and Cardinals IV/V, the latter of which are complete records made with the original Cardinals lineup. He also says that they will be available on vinyl and as mp3 downloads.

**Update 9-9-09**
Suspicions confirmed! Check out for an informative video of his PaxAM vinyl mastering machine. Oh, there’s also a couple mp3’s from the first pressing available for purchase – and download on Friday. Well, maybe the second release if you count the 7″ that came with the Hello Sunshine pre-order – which I should post here in a few.

You get:
•Lost and Found

•Go Ahead and Rain

for only $1.49

Hiatus officially over. Rejoice.
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Viva la Vinyl: Ryan Adams’ Rescue Blues 7"….

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In 2004, Ryan Adams started up his own small record label, Pax Americana, in order to release demo recordings of some of his tunes that Lost Highway didn’t deem worthy. He only released 3 sets – The Rescue Blues [EP], California [EP], and If I Am A Stranger [Single] – all on 7-inch vinyl. Just yesterday, I won an auction for the Stranger Single, completing my PAX-AM collection.

However, word on the street is that this label may soon be resurrected. Apparently, Ryan’s art-guy (as seen alongside Ryan in his more recent YouTube vids) twittered about (re)designing “@ryanad_ms vinyl label art” and also posted the above pic.

If you check out Ryan’s website, there’s a suspicious message that may just corroborate this intel. Decide for yourself, but in the meantime, enjoy these vinyl rips of The Rescue Blues [EP].

A: The Rescue Blues (vinyl rip)
B: Come Pick Me Up (vinyl rip)
C: Enemy Blanks (vinyl rip)
D: Tell Me How You Want Me To Feel (vinyl rip)

These original 4-track versions are definitely demo-quality, but well worth the listen. Come Pick Me Up is especially interesting, recorded at a slower pace, much like his live version. Enemy Blanks (aka Enemy Fire) gets re-structured in this set, beginning with the chorus. Rescue Blues and the unreleased Tell Me are both gritty, heavy-electric takes that showcase Ryan’s original intent for his songs.

If you’ve been keeping up with my Ryan Adams Spotlight, you may have noticed I’ve been at a standstill in the chronological album reviews. Waiting on deck is Love Is Hell – quite the review-task, if you ask me. That album definitely requires the right mood/mindset to listen to, much less review. But stay patient, I’ll get to it. After LIH, Ryan joined up with The Cardinals, and in one year, put out 3 of his most amazing albums. To help bridge this gap, I’ve created a Ryan Adams (solo) Mixtape of his best unreleased tunes. I’ve spent a lot of time adding/removing tunes, deciding on a track-order, and cropping them to fit as many as possible. It may just be the next best thing to the elusive unreleased box-set, so keep an eye out for it.

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Viva la Vinyl: Deer Tick Goes Tejano….

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A couple Thursdays ago, I shot over to Austin just in time to catch Deer Tick tear down Emo’s. The Providence boys were obviously not accustomed to Texas heat, and thus were all shirtless by song number 2. That helped open the door for what would turn out to be a no-holds-barred, raucous evening complete with flying beer, John McCauley on the drums, and even a little crowd surfing (see below). I managed to keep my new camera safe and even snagged a few shots worth keeping.

I had a quick conversation with John after the show, in which he mentioned that he had been by This Mornin’… before. Pretty cool. So, John, if you’re reading this, leave a shout out down below. I then saw someone walking by with a white cardboard sleeve just about 7 inches square. Checking with the merch table, my suspicions were confirmed. So here you are, folks, the newest Deer Tick track to hit the web. A seven-inch vinyl-only single, exclusively at

Deer Tick – La Bamba (vinyl rip)

Wikipedia says:
La Bamba’ is a Mexican folk song that was made popular in 1958 by the late Ritchie Valens. The la bamba is a traditional Mexican dance performed at weddings (along with the song). Valens’ version infused rock ‘n roll with traditional Mexican instruments and rhythms. ‘La Bamba’ is the only non-English song to make Rolling Stones’ list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (#345).

The boys split this 7″ with The Shivers – a NYC based rock/experimental group, and I have to say I rather enjoy the groove.

The Shivers – Shallow Water (vinyl rip)

In other Deer Tick news, a slew of live sets were linked from their twitter today. They recently did a ‘LaundroMatinee‘ set for MyOldKentuckyBlog. The set features Houston, TX, These Old Shoes, The Dance of Love, Dirty Dishes, and Dead Flowers. You can download the mp3’s here. My personal favorite from the collection:

Check out a brand new song John and Dennis debuted at their Waterloo Records in-store performance the day of their show at Emo’s:

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Viva la Vinyl: Whiskeytown’s Record Store Day 7"

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Since the completion of my Ryan Adams Vinyl Collection, I’ve been hard at work building my stash of Singles/EP’s/7-inchers. So far, I’ve gotten my grubby little hands on these:

So Alive 7-inch Single (2004)Wonderwall 7-inch Single (2004)

Nuclear 7-inch Single (2002)Hey Parker, It's Christmas 7-inch Single (2003)

On average, each disc cost me $30 bucks on eBay. So you can imagine my elation when, in the midst of this hunt, I find that some amazing person decided to (re)release an old Whiskeytown Single for Record Store Day. In the spirit of the celebration of the independent, locally-owned vinyl shops, the Whiskeytown disc was offered at under 10 bucks!

It’s a limited edition new pressing produced exclusively for Record Store Day ‘09. The 2 tracks are from The Baseball Park Sessions – the same session that produced the bonus tracks included with the Faithless Street re-issue. They were originally recorded in 1996 and previously unreleased.

Whiskeytown – San Antone (vinyl rip)
Whiskeytown – The Great Divide (vinyl rip)

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Whiskeytown’s Theme For A Trucker
~tracks re-upped for a couple extra days~

Viva La Vinyl: Ryan Adams Set

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Thanks to the power of eBay, I recently completed my Ryan Adams full-album collection on Vinyl.
Love Is Hell was the final missing piece; I won an auction for it a week or two ago. I coughed up a pretty penny, but it was worth it for completion’s sake. Love Is Hell was the only Lost Highway Adams album that didn’t see a vinyl reissue a couple years ago. I don’t know the exact reason for this, but Ryan may have made the decision himself to keep things interesting. When his label offered this reissue,, a great source for records, put together a Ryan Adams vinyl package – Gold, Demolition, R N R, Cold Roses, 29, JCN – for a mere $75. Sweet deal.

I ordered the newest releases as they came out, save for Follow The Lights. I was about to pick one up at Cactus Music last month until I found this:

The Cardinals’ Everybody Knows [EP] was a UK-only release. The 12″ is essentially Follow The Lights, but with ‘Everybody Knows’ from ET leading off, thus pushing each track back one spot. I figured why not pay a little more for that extra track and get the bonus of having a far more rare disc.

Sometime last year, Bloodshot Records got with the picture and reissued Heartbreaker on a 12″ gatefold double vinyl. I only learned of this while browsing the site with the intention of purchasing Midnight At The Movies earlier this year. So I snagged Ryan’s debut LP about a month before the elusive LIH 10″ gatefold showed up on eBay.

As you probably know, Love Is Hell was originally issued as two EPs – parts 1 & 2 – in late 2003. The collections were later combined and released as a double 10″ containing 15 tracks. Five months later, the album was released in CD form and an alternate version of ‘Anybody Wanna Take Me Home’ was added. The extra track, clocking in at nearly a full minute longer than the original form, was a strange addition, but being one of the softer tracks on Rock N Roll, it does feel in place here.

In my ongoing Ryan Adams spotlight, I try to approach each album/session with open mind and ears. We all know the best way to get the feel of an album is to hear it in its intented form – high fidelity analog. So the aquisition of this last disc comes at a perfect time as Love Is Hell is next in line. Until then, I’ll wet your ears with that mysterious extended track added to the LIH CD.

Anybody Wanna Take Me Home (extended version)

My quest will continue for as many 7″ Vinyl Singles as I can get my hands on. I already own this Whiskeytown EP and the bonus 7″ from Cardinology. En route via eBay is the ‘Hey Parker It’s Christmas’ 7″ and the ‘Wonderwall’ 7″ single.

If anyone wants to begin a collection of their own, check out this eBay auction for a great start. You get:

  • Demolition
  • Cold Roses
  • Jacksonville City Nights
  • Easy Tiger (orange vinyl)
  • Cardinology (with 7″ single)
  • Hey Parker It’s Christmas 7″ Single

With under 4 days left, the bidding is only up to $10.49!!!

Viva la Vinyl: Whiskeytown’s Theme For A Trucker

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After setting up and installing my USB record player, the first piece of vinyl I reached for was probably my rarest and most prized piece.

Whiskeytown’s Theme For A Trucker Double 7″ was released in April of 1997. Personnel included – of course – Ryan and Caitlin, as well as Phil Wandscher, Steve Terry, Bill Ladd, and Chris Stamey. The 7″ is comprised of 3 songs that would later see album releases in some form but begins with an otherwise unreleased title-track. A remastered version of each one of these tunes was released with the Deluxe Edition of Stranger’s Almanac but just remember that these come straight off an original vinyl pressing – to your ears. The pops and scratches are authentic and provide an unmistakable ambiance. Enjoy.

Theme For A Trucker ~ Vinyl Rip
1. Theme For A Trucker
2. My Heart Is Broken
3. Houses On The Hill
4. The Strip (Dancing With The Women At The Bar