Get on the Social Networking Bandwagon

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I know it’s been slow over here lately - I feel like these apologies are coming a little to0 frequently – but May is undoubtedly a huge month for the music world with a multitude of anticipated releases.

In the meantime, Become a Fan (or simply ‘Like’ for you commit-o-phobes) of the This Mornin’ I Am Born Again Facebook Page. I like my posts to be thorough and not simply a news blast, but when I run across some interesting music news, pickup some new albums, or am heading to a show I’ll throw up a little Facebook feed to keep you dear readers in the loop. I promise not to fill your news feed with incessant posting and links – only the important stuff. Plus, you’ll get immediate notification when I put up a new post. So do it. Click above or on the sidebar – it’s that simple. You know you already spend most of your workday on Facebook, anyway. And if you haven’t joined yet… come on, it’s 2010. Your Grandma already has a Facebook account.

Aww Shit… Look Who Got A Website!

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Welcome to the New & Improved This Mornin’ I Am Born Again!

Ok, I know I’ve had the domain for a while now, but it’s official now.

Ryan Adams - DotComMuthaFucka

I have finally made the switch from Blogger to Wordpress, and as you can already see, the site looks better. Wordpress allows for much more design freedom. I’m still tweaking things here and there – especially links to other posts here on the site – so expect to see some changes in the coming days as I get used to the new platform. Another advantage is the ability to have multiple pages. In addition to the regular blog page (or home), I can add additional info on static pages. So far, I’ve simply made Archives and About pages, but be on the lookout for some new stuff in the future.

Another underlying motive for the move is the way Blogger, a Google company, deals with copyright issues. If the RIAA, or anyone for that matter, has a problem with the content posted on a blog, they tend to ignore the ubiquitous disclaimer and send a formal notice to the hosting company. Blogger, to save themselves any legal trouble, immediately deletes the infringing post, never notifying the blog author. Thus the author never knows which file actually caused the trouble in the first place.

Recently a handful of quite successful music blogs were inexplicably removed altogether by Blogger for claims of copyright infringement and violating Blogger’s Terms of Service. Years of work gone in an instant. Most of the deleted blogs even had express written consent from artists/labels to post their songs, but alas, The Man didn’t care. I don’t have the energy to get into how bass-ackwards the idea behind a failing industry going after the last lifeline they have is, so you can read more about what they’re calling “MusicBlogocide 2010″ here and here.

Things are safer here, where I supply my own hosting. But it comes with a cost – $5/month to be exact – and that’s hoping I estimated correctly on my space and bandwidth requirements. That, on top of my monthly song-hosting costs with, have driven the cost of running this place up to a noticeable level. So…

Do a good deed today and help your friendly music blogger.

Your generosity will not go unrewarded.

For nostalgia’s sake, the old site can still be viewed at

Reader Poll: I Need Some Inspiration

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Let’s be honest. Lately, I’ve updated the look of this blog more often than the content. My post frequency has dropped recently due to a number of reasons. We won’t get into why. Instead, let’s get into how we go about fixing this.

Originally, I had the intention of posting multiple times every week. I learned quickly that that was a tough task. For one, my posts ending up being more thorough than I initially intended, which is okay with me. So, for a more structured posting process, I started a few ‘Feature Posts’ – recurring topics that songs could easily fit into to keep a sense of familiarity with the content here. Some of these were meant to be weekly updates – New Digs for one – and that may have gone smoothly for a little while. Some have shown up here and there and some have disappeared completely. So, I need your help. I wanna know what the readers want. Take some time to look back over some of these feature posts and find those that interest you most.

Here’s an outline with links those older posts:

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