Playlist Pulse: Pianoforte….

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1. Iron & Wine – The Devil Never Sleeps
buy The Shepherd’s Dog (2007)
2. Whiskeytown – Mirror, Mirror
buy Pneumonia (2001)
3. The Felice Brothers – Love Me Tenderly
buy The Felice Brothers (2008)
4. The Raconteurs – You Don’t Understand Me
buy Consolers of the Lonely (2008)
5. The Rolling Stones – Let’s Spend The Night Together
buy Between The Buttons (1967)

Playlist Pulse: Raawwk…..

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Self-explanatory. Turn it up.
  1. The Kooks – See The World
    buy Inside In/Inside Out (2006)
  2. Cross Canadian Ragweed – Don’t Need You
    buy Purple (2002)
  3. The Black Keys – Thickfreakness
    buy Thickfreakness (2003)
  4. Deer Tick – Standing At The Threshold
    from War Elephant (2007)
  5. Ryan Adams – Shallow
    buy Rock N Roll (2003)

Playlist Pulse: Slowies…..

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Haven’t done one of these in a while. i’ve been pretty short on time this week, so no in-depth posts requiring a lot of thought are in the works. That’s why i started this Playlist Pulse thing anyway – to get some songs out to the people in a simple way.

Today, i’m pulling from my Slowies playlist. It’s simply a collection of soothing, slow-paced songs that i often use to fall asleep to. That’s not to say that the songs are uninteresting, just very calming. In fact, i often end up staying awake thoroughly examining the words – as simple, quiet instrumentation paves the way for lyrically driven songs.

  1. Iron & Wine – The Sea & The Rhythm
    buy The Sea & The Rhythm [EP]
    Sam Beam comprises about 20 percent of this playlist. His fluid vocals could calm a cat in a swimming pool. This song wouldn’t be near as magnificent if it weren’t for the shockingly simple banjo solos.
  2. The Wood Brothers – That’s What Angels Can Do
    buy Ways Not To Lose
    The Wood Brothers momentarily drop their heavy groove and show us a beautiful song in which Oliver decides that the only explanation for his love’s power of him is that she must be an angel. Listen close and you’ll hear trickling water in the background….
  3. Band of Horses – Part One
    buy Everything All The Same
  4. Okkervil River – Savannah Smiles
    buy The Stage Names
    The xylophone is a perfect touch for a song about your little girl.
  5. Todd Snider – All My Life
    buy Happy To Be Here
    Simply beautiful.

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Playlist Pulse: Acousti-goodness…..

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This time i’m pulling from my playlist ‘acousti-goodness’. I have a playlist for faster, drivin’ songs as well as one for slow, mellow ones, so i needed one to catch those mid-tempo, (often, but not always) acoustic, thinkers.

Normally, i’ll pull up the playlist, scroll through and pick a song i want to post. From there i let shuffle do the rest. There was no question which song was going first today. I’ve been playing this one over and over since i picked it up:

1. mp3: The Raconteurs – Steady, As She Goes (Acoustic Version)
i really can’t get enough of this song for many reasons: i like how they ask if there’s a dog in the room as if they can’t begin if there isn’t – it shows their ‘real’ talent – great harmonies – it uses that contrapuntal vocal technique i love. If The Raconteurs put out an entirely acoustic album like this, i might have to become a fan.

2. mp3: Colin Hay – Waiting For My Real Life To Begin
Colin is the former Men At Work lead singer – y’know “i come from a lan-down-unda“. i first came across this Aussie as a solo artist thanks to the epic Garden State Soundtrack.

3. mp3: Brian Rung – For You
buy Brian Rung (2000)
I picked up this CD quite a while ago – in the heat of my Texas Music phase, and, to be completely honest, didn’t like it. It wasn’t until my musical tastes matured and i gave it another listen that it really hit me.

4. mp3: Dwight Yoakam – Buenos Noches From a Lonely Room
This is the only Dwight Yoakam album i own. A friend of mine recommended it during a conversation about digging artists’ original intentions for songs portrayed through quiet acoustic recordings. Nail on the head.

5. mp3: Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life
Conor at his best.

Playlist Pulse: Grooves…..

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Time for another Playlist Pulse. This time from the one titled grooves. These are simply those songs that make you tap you boots, drum on the desk, or just bob a head. Whether it’s the plunk of a banjo, the beat of a tom, or the groove initiated by a plugged in guitar, it’s hard not to move to these songs:

1. mp3: The Be Good Tanyas – Rain & Snow
buy Blue Horse (2001)

a traditional folk song made famous by The Dead

2. mp3: Rodney Crowell – The Obscenity Prayer
buy The Outsider (2005)

3. mp3: Bob Dylan – Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
buy Bob Dylan (1962)

4. mp3: Ray Wylie Hubbard – Roll and I Tumble
buy Deirium Tremolos (2005)
From the same album as the song that inspired this blog. RWH might as well have invented the groove – most of his songs make this list.

5. mp3: Todd Snider – The Highland Street Incident
buy The Devil You Know (2006)
Todd got mugged behind a bar one night. He tried many times to write a song about it, but couldn’t get it right until he thought to tell it from the muggers point of view.


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Playlist Pulse………

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Today’s Pulse comes from my playlist entitled: hipster-indie-folk

Ok, so as you’ll see, i’m great at coming up with playlist names – they’re usually pretty broad descriptions of the type of music that resides in them. But each playlist has a special purpose – if i like a song, i’ll find a playlist that fits it. Hipster-Indie-Folk is home to this new batch of music i’ve gotten into since finding the music blog world. Some folky, some indie-rockish, all good.

  1. mp3: Okkervil River – Westfall
    buy Don’t Fall In Love With Everyone You See (2002)
    A powerful song that gradually builds intensity throughout. F
    rom Okkervil’s 2nd full length album.
  2. mp3: The Avett Brothers – Colorshow
    buy Four Theives Gone (2006)
    From the Avett’s 2006 effort that shows more of their slightly screamo style. Wild.
  3. mp3: Iron & Wine – Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car
    buy The Shepherd’s Dog (2007)
    Sam Beam has that airy voice that, when coupled with a repetitive little acoustic riff, can be very calming. I used a lot of the songs on his previous albums to fall asleep to. With The Shepherd’s Dog, however, he beefed up his sound with some extra instruments and bigger grooves. This won’t put me to sleep.
  4. mp3: Mark Ronson – Most Likely You Go Your Way (I’ll Go Mine)
    buy Mark Ronson’s Dylan Remix (2007)

    British Producer and remix-master, Mark Ronson, finally got Bob Dylan to agree to let him rework a Dylan tune. Putting the hipster in this playlist is this groovy,-horn splattered tune.
  5. mp3: The Kooks – All That She Wants
    buy Radio 1 – Established 1967 (2007)
    This compliation disc features some top artists from the UK doing interesting covers (check out Amy Winehouse’s Cupid). Here we have The Kooks covering Ace of Base – and admit-it-or-not, you ALL know this song.

Playlist Pulse………

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Today i’m introducing a new recurring post topic: Playlist Pulse. It’s an easy way to get a few songs up on a post and won’t take me long to write. i’ll simply pick a playlist i’ve made in iTunes, hit shuffle, and post the first 5 songs that show up. If i feel the need for elaboration, i might occasionally say a few things about some of the songs.

i try to give every song i really enjoy a good listen and decide if it fits into one of my many playlist categories. The playlist i chose to pull from first is my ‘Bluesy’ collection. These aren’t all necessarily blues songs – they just have that guitar driven/minor chord/down & out feel:

  1. mp3: The Black Crowes – Walk Believer Walk ~ buy Warpaint (2008)
  2. mp3: The Black Keys – Lies ~ buy Attack & Release (2008)
  3. mp3: Willie Nelson – Rainy Day Blues ~ buy Songbird (2006)
    If you consider yourself a fan of Willie Nelson and/or Ryan Adams, you should own this album. Almost entirely a ‘covers’ album produced by Ryan Adams, Songbird shows Willie’s versatility and ability to make any song his own. With The Cardinals as Willie’s backing band, the album takes on that grungy electric feel, but somehow still retains the charm of Mr. Nelson.
  4. mp3: James Gang (Joe Walsh) – Funk No. 49 ~ buy Rides Again (1970)
  5. mp3: Sam Cooke – Steal Away ~ buy Gosepl In My Soul (1977)


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