New Digs, Vol. 27

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Got a string of brand new tracks in the last couple of days. No time for words, as more brand new music is pouring in as we speak.

Enjoy the latest, greatest additions to my music library:

Deer Tick - Twenty Miles
from The Black Dirt Sessions (out 6.8.10)


Band of Horses - Compliments
from Infinite Arms (out 5.18.10)


Dr. Dog - Unbearable Why
from Shame, Shame (out Today)


Ben Kweller - It All Happened
from Esquire Exclusive Download


John Prine - She Is My Everything (live)
from In Person & On Stage (out 5.25.10)


New Digs: The Happen-Ins (Exclusive Tracks)

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Austin is a music city – we all know that. From South Austin up to 6th Street, Town Lake to Lake Austin and beyond, you can find any genre of music that could possibly fit your ears. But take an eastward turn under I-35 and things begin to change. Instead of a background of competing soundwaves from bands up and down the street, East Austin offers a soundtrack of sirens and catcalls. That is unless you find yourself close enough to whatever dive The Happen-Ins are playing in that night.

Born from the ashes of numerous Austin bands, The Happen-Ins honed their blues riffs in an East Austin garage before taking their show to the streets. In the last six months, they have amassed quite a loyal following – not huge – but consisting of the right kind of folks. Don’t be surprised to find a few well-known musicians enjoying their Austin nights off by taking in a Happen-Ins show. Providing much of the guitar-work and a healthy portion of lead vocals is Sean Faires – you may recognize his name as one-half of The Dedringers, a now defunct Texas band filled out by Jonny Burke (who’s also got his own thing going this past year). Ricky Ray Jackson (Hayes Carll, Lomita, Brothers and Sisters) sings lead on just about half of the disc, his songs sporting a bluesy-er feel. When not up at the mic, Ricky Ray offers his talents on the pedal steel, feeding a solid stream of a Byrds-style country sound to the album. John Michael Schoepf (Hayes Carll, Deadman, The Dedringers) provides a knee-knocking bass guitar to the set. On the drums, you’ll find Paul ‘Falcon’ Valdez, who has played with the likes of Eleanor Whitmore around Austin.

Photo by Alexandra Valenti

Set for a March 4th release (March 12th on Vinyl), The Happen-Ins’ self-titled debut proves that all you need to make great music is a mutual love for a good groove and a nurturing home base… and maybe a little talent. The Happen-Ins’ lineup could be be considered a supergroup – each member coming from previous successful bands, and each player superbly apt at their role. The band’s retro yet virginal sound is rooted in Sean Faire’s energetic guitar. The album is brimming with head-bobbingly memorable guitar riffs, most sporting Sean’s unique overhand bic lighter-style of slide. ‘Never Said’ leads things off with a bang – distorted guitars, a backing chorus, and a little spite for the girl that didn’t quite understand the romantic arrangement. The album’s sexual undertones climax with ‘Do It’, and, yes, that’s exactly what they mean. This theme continues with an album highlight, the short but sweet ‘Die’, in which Sean implores that “you better get some love before you die.” Hit after hit, you find yourself immediately recognizing the first notes and thinking “ooh this is a good one.” What sets this band apart from your usual hometown blues outfit is the quality of the songs, often highlighted with 4-part vocals. Towards the end of the disc, The Happen-Ins show their versatility, laying off the heaviness and letting their folk-roots (‘Bashful’) show through  the leftover reverb from the disc’s beginnings. But capping off the set is ‘The Kids Don’t Dance’, a groovy number that leaves you with a greasy, somewhat violated taste in your mouth, similar to what a Happen-Ins live show down on the East side will do to you.

The disc’s liner notes contain some vital listening suggestions:  “While preparing your listening experience, it don’t matter where you put your hands, where you sit or where you stand, this machine kills pessimists. We bring that John the Conqueroo, the rest ain’t really up to you. Calling all hens to the coop… If your body hasn’t already begun to move you’re closer now than ever before. Expect palpitations, perspirations and motivations to stomp the floor.” Very true.

The Happen-Ins – Baby
The Happen-Ins – You’ve Been Bad

[Purchase The Happen-Ins through]
Pick up another track as part of LimeWire’s Ear To The Ground: Austin Sampler

Sure, it’s fuzzy. But it’s supposed to be. Funk & Roll, as I like to call it, should be loud, distorted, and at times gibberish. The Happen-Ins take their influential queues from the best of the Rock & Roll and R&B/Blues worlds. You’ll find a heavy dose of Stones-esque guitars, mixed in with a little Muddy Waters lyrical confusion, and highlighted by by a Townes-inspired style of songwriting.

The Happen-Ins will obviously be present throughout SXSW this month, and I predict they make out like Deer Tick did last year. The album has a very limited pressing, so if you’re going, I suggest you make grabbing it your top priority. The CD will only be available through Austin’s own Waterloo Records, but you can grab it digitally at Amazon. Catch the band’s LP Release Party March 12th at The Scoot Inn… East Austin.

The Happen-Ins: [facebook][MySpace]

New Digs, Vol. 25: JET….

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Esquire magazine named Kate Beckinsale the Sexiest Woman Alive, and I can’t argue with that. But don’t worry, we’re still here for the music. The magazine filmed a photoshoot with Ms. Beckinsale and put some music to it. Some good music.

JET – Goodbye Hollywood
from Shaka Rock (2009)

I looked up the band and learned that this wasn’t the first time their music has been used in conjunction with moving pictures to grab your attention. JET’s song ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ from their 2003 debut album has been blasted all over TV, most notably in one of Apple’s first dancing silhouette ads. Get Born was a huge success for the Australian rock band, selling 3.5 million copies thanks to their lead single, ‘Cold Hard Bitch,’ which reached #1 on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart.

While those songs are good, the way in which I heard them (radio) stalled my interest, and I figured them to be your usual one (or two) hit wonder sure to be embraced by MTV. But I recently picked up their 2009 disc, Shaka Rock, and was pleasantly surprised. So I went out and found Get Born. These guys are not the one-trick mainstream act you expect them to be. Sure, they shine when they rock with energy on par with The Kooks, but JET is equally impressive when they lay off the guitars and symbols a bit and throttle down to a mid-tempo song.

JET – Look What You’ve Done
JET – Radio Song
from Get Born (2003)

The two blockbuster songs from JET’s debut may still be their marquee songs, but this year’s release is tells us so much more about the band. The songs on Shaka Rock have more substance – and let’s face it… what Apple ad song has really meant something? They are chosen for their ability to immediately wedge themselves in your frontal lobe and stay there. These new songs, however, have a stronger lyrical focus and, in doing so, the band has expanded their sound.

JET – Seventeen
from Shaka Rock (2009)

New Digs, Vol. 24: Local Edition…

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Hey. I’m still here.

Just to prove it, here are some sweet jams that will no-doubt match the sonic quality you always find here. These songs are all new to my library, and all happen to come from the Lone Star State – or somewhere very near.

Walt Wilkins – Gypsy Line
buy Vigil (2009)
Walt Wilkins is another one of the hundreds of brilliant songwriters we have hiding down here in Texas. His fluent way with words is matched by his effortlessly smooth vocal ability. Walt’s been making music since ‘02 and has had a number of his songs featured by Pat Green. Vigil, Walt’s fifth album, was released in June of this year.

Walt: [Website][MySpace][Facebook]

Mike McClure Band – Find It In You
buy Onion (2009)
McClure’s 7th solo album, Onion, is yet another batch of tunes cooked up in his basement-turned studio. For this veteran songwriter/producer, pumping out albums is not the chore it once was. Mike’s already talking about another album in the works. Let’s hope he keeps supplying us with his work at this pace.

Mike: [Website][MySpace]

Cross Canadian Ragweed – Pretty Lady
buy Happiness And All The Other Things (2009)
Happiness… marks Ragweed’s tenth album and 2009 marks 15 years that this band has been kickin’ around. Produced by the aforementioned McClure, this album takes on a slightly different feel than their ealier works, but still has that classic Ragweed swagger. They were, by far, my favorite band throughout most of my adolescence, and I’m glad to see that the guys are still making good music and seem to be a genuine as ever.

CCR: [Website][MySpace][Facebook]

Stephanie Briggs – Good Guess
buy Birds Barely Know Us (2009)
I found Stephanie in the liner notes to the above mentioned album – she co-wrote a handful of songs with Cody Canada, offered some vocal help, and even designed the album art for Happiness… Stephanie’s got a fun, quirky vocal delivery overlaid with electric guitars and interesting arrangement. She’s much edgier than the other ‘Texas’ bands she associates with – in a good way. Glad I looked her up.

Stephanie: [Website][MySpace][Facebook]

photo by Alexandra Valenti

The Happen-Ins – Die
You may remember me mentioning that the two main pieces of Austin’s Dedringers parted ways earlier this year. Sean Faires went on to form The Happen-Ins with the help of some other talented Austin musicians. I’ve since caught the band live a few times, and I’m more impressed each time. They play dirty, groovy blues/rock with infectious hooks and energetic vocals. I have a feeling after next year’s SXSW, things are gonna be happenin’ for these guys. This tune is from a demo I got my hands on – hopefully a taste of a soon-to-come full album.

Happen-Ins: [MySpace][Facebook]

New Digs, Vol. 23

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Here’s another set of new tunes I’ve been diggin’ on to help get you through your week.

Every so often, I’ll burn a CD of ‘loosies’ – random songs that I grab off music blogs that are normally the only tracks I own from a particular band. Sometimes I’ll forget what songs are on the disc when it makes it into the player in my truck. It’s kinda like mystery CD, and often I’m very pleasantly surprised at what I hear. The tracks today are from my newest ‘Random New Stuff’ CD.

Great Bloomers – Speak of Trouble
I grabbed this song over at Captain Obvious a while back. It’s definitely been my most played tune over the last few weeks. This three-fold melody/tempo change keeps the song fresh and interesting. I just picked up the rest of this album (from which this title track comes) on eMusic and I suggest you do the same.

Great Bloomers: [Website][MySpace][iTunes][eMusic]

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Drain The Blood
I had seen this band pop up nearly everywhere for quite a while, but never payed too much attention. That all changed when I heard this song on my latest new mix.

Rural Alberta Advantage: [Website][MySpace][iTunes][eMusic]

Theresa Andersson – Birds Fly Away
Found this soulful songstress thanks to Nelson at Fifty Cent Lighter. I love the how cheery mood set by the various instruments in contrasted by Theresa’s sultry voice.

Theresa Andersson: [Website][MySpace][iTunes][eMusic]

Maria Taylor with Andy LeMaster – A Good Start
Maria Taylor has been making music for quite a while now. I first learned about her when she helped collaborate with Conor Oberst in Bright Eyes (you can see her playing the drums in the Four Winds video). This tune is simply beautiful – kinda like Maria.

Maria Taylor: [Website][MySpace][iTunes][eMusic]

Enjoy Responsibly….

New Digs, Vol. 22

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It’s June. Wow.
This month I will hit the quarter-century mark in my life.
Kinda scary.

I like having a June birthday – it splits the year perfectly in half. This way, I’m never more than six months away from a substantial gift, either from the family or as a treat to myself. I’m hoping to get a real camera this year – a digital SLR. I’m fairly certain I wanna go with Canon/Nikon, but I don’t know which, so shoot me a line if you have any intel on the matter.

However, I did just spoil myself with a brand new iPhone and I’m pretty sure it’s already changed my life in less than a week. The fact that I’m such a fan of iTunes/iPod/now the iPhone makes me wonder why I haven’t yet made a full-on MAC switch.

Having the world at my hands with a simple tap has reawakened my quest for music across the web as well as my desire to get back to regular posting here. I’ve re-upped my RSS feeds on the new phone to reflect a handful of new blogs I’ve been reading, been listening to Pandora again lately, and I’ve been refining my music library with artwork and details so my iPhone looks as good as it’s supposed to.

To help quell the lack of updates here, I’ve been going through the list of feature posts (sidebar) with the intention of getting out a couple new editions each week. New Digs has easily been the most prolific post feature here; this post making the total 22.

Middle Distance Runner – Brother John

I came across this DC band by accident. I thought I was clicking on a link to a cover of the song ‘Middle Distance Runner’ (Sea Wolf) by a band named Brother John. I obviously had this backwards but was surprised to really enjoy what I was hearing. As I checked out all the songs I could find from MDR, I was continually impressed. This band strays slightly from my usual realm with their subtle electronic/hip-hop influence, but I can’t seem to get enough. They sound a little like Spoon (heavy piano riffs, hand claps, etc.) and, interestingly, a little like Sea Wolf.

Middle Distance Runner – Momma

Middle Distance Runner: MySpace/eMusic/iTunes/Website

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Stop The Bus
from This Is Somewhere (2007)

I had seen Grace and her band mentioned in alt-country circles for a while, but hadn’t payed much attention until I learned that ex-Cardinal Catherine Popper was now thumpin’ bass for them. The addition of the long-legged bassist with the already smokin’ Grace makes this band an equally visual and aural knockout. ‘They have a new album nearly complete, although it has no title, produced by T-Bone Burnett. It’s Grace and band’s third studio album.

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals: MySpace/iTunes/Website

Those Darlins – Whole Damn Thing

Another band that, for whatever reason, I simply passed up despite numerous mentions is Those Darlins. They’ve opened for such acts as Deer Tick and Dan Auerbach and played at this year’s SXSW. The subtle hints of punk influence fused with undeniable country roots make this female trio one to watch out for. I’m not too late jumping on their bandwagon though, because they have yet to release their debut album. You can pre-order it now on VINYL and CD. Also check out their Wild One [Single] at the links below.

Those Darlins: MySpace/eMusic/iTunes/Website

As always, enjoy responsibly.
Go to shows.
Buy their stuff.
Tell your friends.

Check out all the past New Digs….

New Digs……

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Awww Yea-uh!

Back again with a handful of tunes I’ve been diggin’ on lately.
You know the drill: listen… enjoy… buy.

Wilco – Jolly Banker
A couple weeks ago, Wilco made this Woody Guthrie cover tune available for download on their site. It’s another example of music completely transcending time and history – the satirical song that was penned back in the dust bowl days as a slight to the fat-pocketed bankers rings just as true today. Nice choice Jeff. In related news, Wilco has announced their newest effort will be titled Wilco (The Album) and will feature a special appearance from Feist. Pick it up June 30th.

Sara Watkins – Will We Go
Sara Watkins was once 1/3 of the bluegrass-crossover giant Nickel Creek. Both Chris Thile and Sara’s brother Sean dabbled in solo albums throughout the bands’ tenure, but Sara has just released her debut solo album. The self-titled effort is well worth your time – especially if you are/were a Nickel fan – if only because of her fiddle skills and the fact that Gillian & Dave make an appearance. Buy It.

The Duke & The King – If You Ever Get Famous
I mentioned that Simone Felice decided to leave his band of brothers earlier this year. His new outfit, The Duke & The King, features Simone and Robert Chicken Burke. Their US debut, Nothing Gold Can Stay, will be available in August through Ramseur Records.

Band of Annuals – Blood On My Shirt
I came to know of Salt Lake City folk group Band of Annuals thanks to a reader recommendation (thanks Jeff). This six-piece band creates great folk rock, highlighted by a male-female vocal combo that sounds a lot like This Mornin’… favorite The Gougers. Get their latest album, Let Me Live, here.

J. Tillman – When I Light Your Darkened Door
Fleet Foxes drummer Josh Tillman recently recorded a session over at Daytrotter, showcasing some of his amazing solo work. It’s mostly mellow, sounding somewhat like a mix between Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver. This tune is from Cancer and Delirium. He more recently put out Vacilando Territory Blues.

Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes) – It Ain’t Me Babe
I found a nice video of Fleet Foxes’ frontman doing his best Dylan – and ripped the audio for you.

New Digs………

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I know, remember these? The feature that was supposed to be a weekly update on music new to my inbox has been shelved for quite some time now. Through much of the winter, I simply wasn’t finding anything new – at least nothing post-worthy. But now, I have way too many new jams to choose from – so lets get right to it.

Slaid Cleaves – Beautiful Thing

Slaid’s first set of original material in 5 years was quite the anticipated release for me. Don’t expect Slaid to surprise you with anything new or groundbreaking, but the troubadour proves he’s still the foremost American Folksinger with 2009’s Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away.

buy Everything You Love…

Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers – The Dam Song

Just as I suspected, Sam Crain’s first full-length album is nothing short of amazing. If you’ve heard the band’s HearYa Live Session, many of the songs here won’t be brand-new to you, but they sound even better with proper studio treatment. The handful of brand new songs are even more inspiring. BUY THIS ONE!

buy Songs In The Night

Steve Earle – To Live Is To Fly

Mr. Earle’s tribute to lifelong friend and mentor Townes Van Zandt is set for release in May. A few tracks have been previewed here and there, and it sounds like Steve will bring a new vibe to the songwriting legend’s work, while still staying true to his legacy.

Check out the 4-song EP (iTunes) and stay tuned to for a forthcoming pre-order.

Iron & Wine – Peace Beneath The City (acoustic version)

Sam Beam has been generous enough to offer up a FREE DOWNLOAD of 8 acoustic versions of tunes from 2007’s The Shepherd’s Dog. Think old-school, mellow I&W treatment to his new, fuller sound. The songster will also soon release Around The Well – a 3LP collection of rarities and never-before-released tracks.

Check his dot com for more info and the full download.

Frightened Rabbit – Last Tango In Brooklyn

Scottish folk-rock outfit Frightened Rabbit was a late, yet still warranted addition to my Best of 2008 Album list. The band has recently contributed a tune for Lifted Brow’s latest compilation album. It echoes the softer side of the band’s material. Good stuff.

Frightened Rabbit MySpace/Website
Buy The Lifted Brow IV

Sam Quinn & Japan Ten – Hello

I posted a video of this recording back here. I can’t stop watching/listening, so I ripped the audio for you fine folks. The sound quality is as good as a proper recording.

Sam Quinn & Japan Ten MySpace

Jill Andrews – Rehearsal

The other half of The Everybodyfields has been at work on new material as well. On her site, she’s giving away the first taste of said work. The recording is a little rough, but her vocals help to put some shine on it.

Jill Andrews MySpace/Website

Ryan Adams – Like A Fool (Superchunk Cover)

While waiting to see just how long Ryan’s sabbatical will last, I came across a link to a Merge Records compilation disc featuring non-Merge artists covering Merge’s greatest. The album helped in celebrating the label’s 20th birthday. I bet you can guess just how excited I was to see ‘ol Ryan on the set. The tune sounds like a polished Pinkheart song. Others taking part include: The Shins, Bright Eyes, Okkervil River, and The Mountain Goats.

buy SCORE! 20 years of Merge Records

Also, my wandering mouse has recently run across leaks for the new albums from both Dylan and Son Volt. Don’t worry, I’m gonna be a good music fan and purchase both of the quite impressive discs upon their release. Sorry, for fear of my life and this blog’s, I’m not gonna offer up any tracks from them just yet.

New Digs: The Stones….

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Ha. You were thinkin’ Mick and Keith Right? Wrong.

Actually it’s Angus and Julia, and Stone is this brother-sister duo’s last name – which gives them more of a right to be called The Stones than The Stones…..

Anyway, this sibling folk outfit from Sydney, AUS is the most interesting new thing to have hit my ears thus far this year. Angus and Julia split time leading vocals on mainly acoustic tracks with plenty of pleasing musical layers. They emerged on the scene in 2006 with two EP’s, Chocolates & Cigarettes and Heart Full of Wine. Those were followed by another EP, The Beast, in 2007. That year, The Stones released their debut LP, A Book Like This, in Australia. In 2008, the duo unveiled two more EP’s, Just A Boy, and Hollywood. The US release for A Book Like This is set for sometime this year. If you can judge someone’s worth by their prolificacy, these two are doing just fine. Plus, they’ve recently been added to the 2009 SXSW lineup.

Angus flaunts a smooth, effortless voice that leads the melody in his songs; his guitar adding a wandering ambiance. Julia looks like Keira Knightley without the harsh angles and sounds like a more accessible Joanna Newsom. Together they create a completely unique and fresh sound that adds one more notch to the growing list of amazing talent from Down Under.

I first came to know The Stones thanks to a Rollo & Grady post in which he predicted the two were “going to be huge stars.” I couldn’t agree more.

from The Beast [EP] (2007)
Just A Boy
from A Book Like This (2007)
Red Berries
Purple Skivvy
from Hollywood [EP] (2008)


New Digs…..

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My new music radar has been on sleep mode for a while. i had to sort through a multitude of Fall releases and begin making a year-end list as of late. But yesterday, i was jonesin’ for some new aural pleasure. i had 4 band names in mind when i went to The Hype Machine for some research. What i heard was instantly gratifying. 2 are very folky, 1 is crazy ambient-punk, 1 is Eurofolk – all are uber-hipsters.

Horse Feathers

Portland, Oregon indie-folk outfit Horse Feathers released their sophomore album in September on the eclectic Kill Rock Stars label (The Decemberists, Deerhoof, Colin Meloy). Sporting traditionally bluegrass instruments, Horse Feathers are refreshingly anything but bluegrass. Justin Ringle leads with airy vocals a la Sam Beam, while Heather and Peter Broderick, Nathan Crockett, Catherine O’Dell, and Sam Cooper offer their talents on loads of unusual instruments. Their sound is perfect for a rainy Fall day like today. Peter and Nathan both play the violin, and in this setting, it is truly classical violin. Often ominous, but always tastefully done, this element gives the Horse Feathers a truly unique sound. (MySpace/Official Page)

Horse Feathers – Working Poor

Buy House With No Home

Frontier Ruckus

Together, Matt Millia and Anna Burch sound like a younger Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews – with more energy to boot. Add wandering banjos, horns, a harmonium, an ebow, and additional harmonies from the rest of the gang and you get… well, a ruckus on the frontier. This Michigan folk group released The Orion Songbook earlier this year as a follow-up to a their now out-of-print debut EP, I Am The Water You Are Pumping. Bonus points for effective employments of a musical saw. i just received a promo copy of the new album, so i may write another, more in-depth post on these guys. (MySpace/Official Page)

Frontier Ruckus – Rosemont
Buy The Orion Songbook


Bradford Cox and band don’t fit the mold of my usual tastes here at This Mornin’… – too electronic and borderlining NOISE – but at the recommendation of a friend, i checked ‘em out. What i’ve heard from their new release Microcastle isn’t bad. It’s tame enough to allow me to listen with inventive melodies often lacking in their genre. i don’t see myself purchasing this one, but i might kick a few songs around a while and see what happens. (MySpace/Official Page)

Deerhunter – Never Stops
Buy Microcastle

Frightened Rabbit

Scottish indie-pop/folk band Frightened Rabbit put out their second full-length album this year. The Midnight Organ Fight is essentially Euro-pop and still very relatable for me. Climbing tempos stall to highlight emotive lyrics while engaging beats are accented with both acoustic and electric guitars. Frightened Rabbit has remained busy throughout their short existence. Five EP’s surround their two releases and, most recently, the band put out a live album. (MySpace/Official Page)

Frightened Rabbit – Good Arms vs. Bad Arms
Buy The Midnight Organ Fight