These United States Release New Album Details

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DC-based These United States have recently prepared their 4th studio album in the last 2 1/2 years. I like that pace. What Lasts has been called a darker writing effort than previous TUS albums – lead man Jesse Elliott wrote the album in 2009 following a near-death experience on Lake Michigan. The album is appropriately named, too. The title track was the only song from the album to survive a laptop theft in which Elliott lost some 300 demos. Below, check out the tracklist , download the first single, and check out some photos from a TUS show I attended last month in Austin:

What Lasts (out 7/20/10)
1.  Nobody Can Tell
2.  Dug Him in the Dirt
3.  One You Believe
4.  The Great Rivers
5.  Just This
6.  Life&Death She&I
7.  Ever Make You Mine
8.  What Do You Want with My Heart?
9.  What Lasts
10. Water & Wheat

Spring/Summer Album Release Update

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Over the last few months I’ve posted quite a few notices of Album Releases spread across April, May, and June. Here’s a re-cap for your pre/late ordering pleasure all in one convenient place:


6th/ Dr. Dog – Shame, Shame

buy: [CD][Vinyl][Digital]

I only recently became a Dr. Dog fan, but since I finally gave their 2008 album Fate a listen, they’re basically ALL I’ve been spinning. I also had the pleasure of catching their live show in Austin a couple weeks back, and it was THE BEST rock and roll show I’ve ever seen. If at all possible catch this tour – the light show is mindblowing.

Dr. Dog - I Only Wear Blue


20th/ Horse Feathers – Thistled Spring

buy: [CD][Vinyl][Digtal]

The third album from this acoustic folk outfit from Portland dropped late last month. I received my vinyl copy a few weeks ago, but haven’t had the chance to fully enjoy it yet. This one sounded good on the first pass:

Horse Feathers - Vernonia Blues



4th/ Josh Ritter – So Runs The World Away

buy: [CD][Vinyl][Digtal]

I’ll be honest, So Runs The World Away kinda bored me on the first listen. The second time through, the latter half of the disc sounded better – especially this one with it’s busy acoustic guitar:

Josh Ritter - Lark


11th/ Sam Quinn + Japan Ten – The Fake That Sunk 1,000 Ships

buy: [CD][Digtal]

Sam’s first solo endeavor, The Fake That Sunk 1,000 Ships showcases the heartbreaking songwriting ability we all came to love with The Everybodyfields.

Sam Quinn + Japan Ten - So Strong


18th/ Band of Horses – Infinite Arms

pre-order: [CD][Vinyl][Digtal]

I’ve given this one a few spins since picking it up and I like just about everything I’ve heard. This one seems to be a more melodic record than previous Band of Horses albums.

Band of Horses - Laredo removed by request


18th/ The Black Keys – Brothers

pre-order: [CD][Vinyl][Digtal]

The world’s best Blues/Rock duo has done it again with Brothers, the band’s 8th studio album. They continue to invent the grooviest of grooves, but Brothers isn’t as raw as the rest of their catalog – Dan’s songwriting shows through nearly as strong as on his solo album.

The Black Keys - Howlin' For You



8th/ Deer Tick – The Black Dirt Sessions

pre-order: [CD][Vinyl]

Following their meteoric rise over the last two years, the Providence Grunge-Folk Rockers Deer Tick release their third full album. They opened for Dr. Dog this month in Austin and from the sampling we heard, this one should be stellar.

Deer Tick - Twenty Miles


22nd/ Various – Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows (John Prine Tribute Album)

pre-order: [CD]

An All-Star cast of today’s best folk musicians came together to pay tribute to one of folk music’s best songwriters of all time. Whether it’s Justin Vernon, Josh Ritter, Willie Watson, or John McCauley doing the singing, the simply perfect melodies never let you forget you’re hearing a John Prine song.

Old Crow Medicine Show - Angel From Montgomery

Record Store Day

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Today, Saturday April 17, 2010 is Record Store Day. Support your local independent record store and celebrate the vinyl record with some special RSD exclusive releases. Check out the full list of releases – and find your nearest participating store.

I started the day at Waterloo Records – easily the biggest selection of RSD releases in Austin. But I wasn’t the only one with that idea. By 11am the best grabs were already picked over. The early vinyl release of Josh Ritter’s So The World Runs Away was gone quickly, as were Rolling Stones and Neil Young 7″s. I did manage to find The Black Keys 12″ single, ‘Tighten Up’/'Howlin For You’ at Antone’s. Also picked up a Doors 7″ and an old Doc Watson re-issue.

Check out ‘Tighten Up’ from The Black Keys’ upcoming album Brothers (out 5.18) below:

Tighten Up

Now, off to catch The Happen-Ins in the Hill-Country…

John Prine Tribute Album LOADED With Great Artists

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John Prine is easily one of the most underrated songwriters alive today – or ever for that matter. And it seems that the folks who got together to pay tribute to Prine are in the same boat – super-talented yet overlooked in the spectrum of popular music.

With the release of Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine, all this may change. The caliber of artists that contribute to this album not only shows the far-reaching appeal of John Prine, but also reveals an often obscured common thread between these artists – many of whom are considered favorites here at This Mornin’…

Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine
Oh Boy Records - 6.22.10

1 Justin Vernon - Bruised Orange (Chain of  Sorrow)
2 Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band - Wedding Day  in Funeralville
3 My Morning Jacket - All the Best
4 Josh  Ritter - Mexican Home
5 Lambchop - Six O’Clock News
6 Justin  Townes Earle - Far From Me
7 The Avett Brothers - Spanish  Pipedream
8 Old Crow Medicine Show - Angel From Montgomery
9  Sara Watkins - The Late John Garfield Blues
10 Drive-By Truckers - Daddy’s Little Pumpkin
11 Deer Tick - Unwed Fathers [ft. Liz  Isenberg]
12 Those Darlins - Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian

Pre-Order available 4.27.10


As you can see, it’s a veritable Folk Music All Star Team. Some of the bigger names like Old Crow Medicine Show, Drive By Truckers, My Morning Jacket, and The Avett Brothers will hopefully introduce some listeners to folks like Deer Tick, Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver), and Those Darlins, all the while shedding some much-deserved light on the genius of John Prine.

I don’t have any tracks to offer up today, but check out this post for some links to streamable songs. Below, see a video of Conor Oberst (then as Bright Eyes) doing his version of Prine’s ‘Crazy As A Loon’:

Sam Quinn + Japan Ten: The Fake That Sunk 1,000 Ships

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I told you the new music was pouring in.

After months of waiting, Sam Quinn – formerly of The Everybodyfields – has released definite album details for his first solo album. The Fake That Sunk A Thousand Ships is set to hit shelves and inboxes May 11th through Ramseur Records.

Sam says that the album was written to help himself get through some recent personal stuff – “a real bad year in [his] life.” Knowing this, I expect the album to be a slower, melodic piece of folk music. Not unlike most Everybodyfields’ material, but there you had Jill Andrews’ voice to bring spirits back up.  Check out the first unleashed track below. And further down, you’ll find a video of Sam explaining some things about the record.

The Fake That Sunk 1,000 Ships (out 5.11.10)
 1. Hello
 2. Fanboy
 3. So Strong
 4. Suite  Motown
 5. Strange
 6. Gun
 7. Mardis Gras
 8. Help Me
 9. Late The Other Night
 10. River

Pre-Order through Amazon - $11.99

Sam Quinn from Ramseur Records on Vimeo.

New Digs, Vol. 27

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Got a string of brand new tracks in the last couple of days. No time for words, as more brand new music is pouring in as we speak.

Enjoy the latest, greatest additions to my music library:

Deer Tick - Twenty Miles
from The Black Dirt Sessions (out 6.8.10)


Band of Horses - Compliments
from Infinite Arms (out 5.18.10)


Dr. Dog - Unbearable Why
from Shame, Shame (out Today)


Ben Kweller - It All Happened
from Esquire Exclusive Download


John Prine - She Is My Everything (live)
from In Person & On Stage (out 5.25.10)


Dr. Dog Drops New Album (4.6.10)

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While preparing for my SXSW jaunt this weekend, I caught up with some sadly overlooked bands in my music library that I’d have a chance to catch. On the way over, I listened to Dr. Dog’s 2008 release Fate – an album I downloaded sometime after it came out, but sadly never gave it a proper listen. Their sound is pleasingly all over the place, and it gets stuck in all the right corners, too.

Though I didn’t get to catch a Dr. Dog performance this weekend, I have been spinning Fate on repeat to and from Downtown Austin. With dual songwriters/lead vocalists, multiple part harmonies, and ample use of the tambourine, the Philly-based band’s sound is happily Beatles-reminiscent. Scott McMicken’s (lead guitar) songs feature more of that 60’s sound, while Toby Leaman (bass) offers a rougher, more current rock vibe.

Dr. Dog recently announced the release of their 2010 album – Shame, Shame (pre-order available). Dropping in just a few weeks, the band has also let loose a couple tracks from the album.

Shame, Shame (4.6.2010, ANTI- Records)
1 Stranger
2 Shadow People
3 Station
4 Unbearable Why
5 Where’d All The Time Go?
6 Later
7 I Only Wear Blue
8 Someday
9 Mirror, Mirror
10 Jackie Wants A Black Eye
11 Shame, Shame

And here, check out a track from Fate featuring that jangly, harmony-driven sound:

Dr. Dog - From
buy Fate (2008)

Dr. Dog: [Website][facebook][MySpace]

The Black Keys Ready Album for May (New Track)

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Blues-Rock duo The Black Keys have been busy as of late. In addition to their many side projects (Black Roc – a Hip-Hop/Fuzzy Rock collaboration of TBK and Mos Def, et al; a debut album from Patrick Carney’s band Drummer; Dan Auerbach’s latest solo album, Keep It Hid), the band somehow found time to record their sixth album. Brothers will be released May 18th through Nonesuch Records.

**Update: reposting this with the first single from the album


1. Everlasting Light
2. Next Girl
3. Tighten Up
4. Howlin’ For You
5. She’s Long Gone
6. Black Mud
7. The Only One
8. Too Afraid To Love You
9. Ten Cent Pistol
10. Sinister Kid
11. The Go Getter
12. I’m Not The One
13. Unknown Brother
14. Never Gonna Give You Up
15. These Days

Here’s a B-Side cover I found in my library:

The Black Keys - Funk #49 (Bonus Track)

Horse Feathers Prepare Third Album

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Portland’s Horse Feathers has released details on their newest album, entitled Thistled Spring. It follows 2008’s House With No Home, which made my Top 10 Albums of 2008. I haven’t had the chance to check out the entire disc, but if it’s anything like the band’s (originally a duo, now a four-piece) first two albums, it’ll be exquisitely peaceful. Their unique brand of classical acoustic folk music, although draped with somber lyrics, evokes an elegant positivity. Check out a post I wrote on Horse Feathers back May of last year.

Thistled Spring (out April 20 via Kill Rock Stars)
1.  Thistled Spring
2.  Starving Robins
3.  Belly Of June
4.  Cascades
5.  This Bed
6.  The Drought
7.  Vernonia Blues
8.  As A Ghost
9.  The Widower
10.  Heaven's No Place

Pre-Order through Amazon


For now, Pick up the Cascades 7″ that includes a cover of Gillian Welch’s Orphan Girl.

New Digs: The Happen-Ins (Exclusive Tracks)

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Austin is a music city – we all know that. From South Austin up to 6th Street, Town Lake to Lake Austin and beyond, you can find any genre of music that could possibly fit your ears. But take an eastward turn under I-35 and things begin to change. Instead of a background of competing soundwaves from bands up and down the street, East Austin offers a soundtrack of sirens and catcalls. That is unless you find yourself close enough to whatever dive The Happen-Ins are playing in that night.

Born from the ashes of numerous Austin bands, The Happen-Ins honed their blues riffs in an East Austin garage before taking their show to the streets. In the last six months, they have amassed quite a loyal following – not huge – but consisting of the right kind of folks. Don’t be surprised to find a few well-known musicians enjoying their Austin nights off by taking in a Happen-Ins show. Providing much of the guitar-work and a healthy portion of lead vocals is Sean Faires – you may recognize his name as one-half of The Dedringers, a now defunct Texas band filled out by Jonny Burke (who’s also got his own thing going this past year). Ricky Ray Jackson (Hayes Carll, Lomita, Brothers and Sisters) sings lead on just about half of the disc, his songs sporting a bluesy-er feel. When not up at the mic, Ricky Ray offers his talents on the pedal steel, feeding a solid stream of a Byrds-style country sound to the album. John Michael Schoepf (Hayes Carll, Deadman, The Dedringers) provides a knee-knocking bass guitar to the set. On the drums, you’ll find Paul ‘Falcon’ Valdez, who has played with the likes of Eleanor Whitmore around Austin.

Photo by Alexandra Valenti

Set for a March 4th release (March 12th on Vinyl), The Happen-Ins’ self-titled debut proves that all you need to make great music is a mutual love for a good groove and a nurturing home base… and maybe a little talent. The Happen-Ins’ lineup could be be considered a supergroup – each member coming from previous successful bands, and each player superbly apt at their role. The band’s retro yet virginal sound is rooted in Sean Faire’s energetic guitar. The album is brimming with head-bobbingly memorable guitar riffs, most sporting Sean’s unique overhand bic lighter-style of slide. ‘Never Said’ leads things off with a bang – distorted guitars, a backing chorus, and a little spite for the girl that didn’t quite understand the romantic arrangement. The album’s sexual undertones climax with ‘Do It’, and, yes, that’s exactly what they mean. This theme continues with an album highlight, the short but sweet ‘Die’, in which Sean implores that “you better get some love before you die.” Hit after hit, you find yourself immediately recognizing the first notes and thinking “ooh this is a good one.” What sets this band apart from your usual hometown blues outfit is the quality of the songs, often highlighted with 4-part vocals. Towards the end of the disc, The Happen-Ins show their versatility, laying off the heaviness and letting their folk-roots (‘Bashful’) show through  the leftover reverb from the disc’s beginnings. But capping off the set is ‘The Kids Don’t Dance’, a groovy number that leaves you with a greasy, somewhat violated taste in your mouth, similar to what a Happen-Ins live show down on the East side will do to you.

The disc’s liner notes contain some vital listening suggestions:  “While preparing your listening experience, it don’t matter where you put your hands, where you sit or where you stand, this machine kills pessimists. We bring that John the Conqueroo, the rest ain’t really up to you. Calling all hens to the coop… If your body hasn’t already begun to move you’re closer now than ever before. Expect palpitations, perspirations and motivations to stomp the floor.” Very true.

The Happen-Ins – Baby
The Happen-Ins – You’ve Been Bad

[Purchase The Happen-Ins through]
Pick up another track as part of LimeWire’s Ear To The Ground: Austin Sampler

Sure, it’s fuzzy. But it’s supposed to be. Funk & Roll, as I like to call it, should be loud, distorted, and at times gibberish. The Happen-Ins take their influential queues from the best of the Rock & Roll and R&B/Blues worlds. You’ll find a heavy dose of Stones-esque guitars, mixed in with a little Muddy Waters lyrical confusion, and highlighted by by a Townes-inspired style of songwriting.

The Happen-Ins will obviously be present throughout SXSW this month, and I predict they make out like Deer Tick did last year. The album has a very limited pressing, so if you’re going, I suggest you make grabbing it your top priority. The CD will only be available through Austin’s own Waterloo Records, but you can grab it digitally at Amazon. Catch the band’s LP Release Party March 12th at The Scoot Inn… East Austin.

The Happen-Ins: [facebook][MySpace]