This Mornin’ I Am Born Again

est. 1.12.2008

A Music blog focused on the Folk/Indie/Americana scene with limbs into Bluegrass, Blues, and Indie Rock.

Author: Payton [contact]

Mission Statement

I started this blog first and foremost for the music. I found myself spending a lot of time reading music blogs – but there were so many of my favorite artists that weren’t getting enough (or any) attention. So, my solution: to start my own blog so I could talk about the artists and topics that I wanted to read about. There is no formal structure to this blog – I simply write about music that makes a certain impact on me. So if you dig the folk/americana/alt-country/indie scene and want to learn more about some artists that don’t get the attention they deserve, keep checking back to see what I have to say. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment and tell me what you think. Cheers.


This Mornin’ I Am Born Again began early in 2008 at ThisMornin.blogspot.com, on Google’s Blogger platform. I had no idea what I was doing (some may say I still don’t). I had never ‘blogged’ before, never written formally aside from school assignments, never jotted down my thoughts on music, never even kept a diary. All I knew was that within my group of friends, I could talk passionately about music all night. I started introducing people to the music I was discovering on music blogs, and I was pleased to find warm receipt of these recommendations. I felt a sense of accomplishment introducing people to music they fell in love with. It became a duty I couldn’t ignore. In June 2009, I purchased my domain, www.ThisMornin.com, which began the transformation that ultimately led to switching from Blogger to Wordpress. Here, we have a real website – not just another blog.

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