Samantha Crain Ready to Release Sophomore Album

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Samantha Crain and her Midnight Shivers are set to release their 2nd full-length album in just four short days. From the songs I’ve heard from You (Understood), Samantha seems to be continuing on a path to folk stardom. Her undoubtedly unique voice is further aided by friendly melodies and an ever-improving backing band. You (Understood) is easily the most polished sound to come from the Oklahoma youngster yet, and already leaves me wanting more. Get a track below and then check out another in the video.

You (Understood) -- Ramseur Records, 6.8.2010
1. Lions
2. Blueprints
3. Equinox
4. We Are the Same
5. Religious Wind
6. Holdin' That Wheel
7. Up On The Table
8. Sante Fe
9. Wichitalright
10. Two-Sidedness
11. Toothpicks


Your options are: Digital Download – $7.99, CD + Digital – $9.99
You can also pick up Samantha’s entire catalog in Digital format for only $19.99

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