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Posted by Payton | Posted in Site News | Posted on 04-29-2010

I know it’s been slow over here lately - I feel like these apologies are coming a little to0 frequently – but May is undoubtedly a huge month for the music world with a multitude of anticipated releases.

In the meantime, Become a Fan (or simply ‘Like’ for you commit-o-phobes) of the This Mornin’ I Am Born Again Facebook Page. I like my posts to be thorough and not simply a news blast, but when I run across some interesting music news, pickup some new albums, or am heading to a show I’ll throw up a little Facebook feed to keep you dear readers in the loop. I promise not to fill your news feed with incessant posting and links – only the important stuff. Plus, you’ll get immediate notification when I put up a new post. So do it. Click above or on the sidebar – it’s that simple. You know you already spend most of your workday on Facebook, anyway. And if you haven’t joined yet… come on, it’s 2010. Your Grandma already has a Facebook account.


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