Get Well, Will…

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Just found out through The EverybodyfieldsMySpace that Will Hoge was in a serious car accident. i caught Will opening up for The Avett Brothers in Austin a few months ago. He has a real soulful, jazzy sound. Here’s to a successful recovery.

Will Hoge – Dirty Little War ~ from Draw The Curtains
Will Hoge – Ain’t No Sunshine ~ from During The Before and After

"Pass it to me me, baby. Pass it to me slow…"

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Jonathan Edwards – Shanty

Over at SMM, i’ve already expressed my love of Jonathan Edwards and his 1971 debut. Really underrated record. This song was the second single behind the famous Sunshine.

"Tell me anything you want, any old lie will do…"

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Fleet Foxes – Ragged Wood

More Seattle Sub Pop for you. This is one many great songs that make up the Fleet Foxes self-titler – which presently sits very high up on my best of ‘08 list. Somehow, we are 3/4 of the way through this year. Crazy.
Get it on Vinyl and not only will you get download codes, but also The Sun Giant – their Sub Pop debut EP.

"I’d like to think I’m the mess you’d wear with pride…"

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Band of Horses – I Go to the Barn Because I Like The

So this title has nothing to do with the lyrics – nor does it make sense. But i like this picture. And this song. It perfectly captures the band’s cosmic sound.

Buy The Band of Horsesfirst album.

"You can go down by the water…."

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The Everybodyfields – Down By The Water

Here’s a fun little song for your Monday.

It was placed as a hidden track on The Everbodyfields‘ sophomore album, Nothing Is Okay.
Now it’s been spliced just for you.

"Gonna find me one and ring its neck…"

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Hayes Carll – Chickens

Gotta love a cheerful blues song.
Hayes co-wrote this one with his pal Ray Wylie. RWH’s influence is unmistakeably present, down to the unusual percussion – drumstick inside a tin can?
Hayes defends his love of fried chicken and explains his apathy toward the weather. Meanwhile, there’s a chicken playin‘ a solo.

Get yourself a gift today.

Where Have You Gone, David Ryan?

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get back to work…

Throughout this whole artist spotlight thing, i haven’t mentioned anything about what Ryan is presently up to. That’s mainly because since Follow The Lights dropped in October of ‘07, nothing else has surfaced. That is, if you don’t count the off-the-wall videos and ramblings posted to his retired, then resurrected blog, Foggy. There have been rumors, though. Among them:

  • The Cardinals III/IV is the tentative name for the next full band album. Ryan said in January that the vocal/writing duties will be split between him and Neal Casal – very interesting.
  • he has a solo project entitled Magik that is supposedly rooted in soul (as of April).
  • NME reported in July that Ryan signed a book deal to release a collection of his prose. The article also stated that he was to have some of his art displayed at a showcase.

Judging from his track-record and fondness for the outlandish, these rumors are most likely not true. But one confirmed story is that, beginning next week, Ryan and The Cardinals (now composed of Neal, Chris Feinstein, Jon Graboff, and Brad Pemberton) will accompany Oasis for a short tour:

8/26/08: Seattle, WA – WaMu Theater
8/27/08: Vancouver, BC – GM Place
8/29/08: Edmonton, AB – Rexall Place
8/30/08: Calgary, AB – Pengrowth Saddledome
9/01/08: Winnipeg, MB – MTS Center

9/04/08: Ottawa, ON – Scotiabank Palace
9/05/08: Montreal, QC – Bell Centre
9/09/08: London, ON – John LaBatt Center

And then there’s that story that was vomited up from the bowels of Courtney Love.
Ryan’s response.

For most folks, a year with no new material is standard, but Ryan has set the bar so high that it’s hard to overlook. We’ll try not to hold it against you, Ryan.

that either.

check out the new ryan adams dot com
attempt to make some sense out of foggy – the cardinal cave

Ryan Adams – My Blog Foggy
Neal Casal – Delaware Station

Ryan Adams: The Suicide Handbook….

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The next catch-up installment of the Ryan Adams Spotlight (as i posted my Gold Edition much too soon and skipped the many unreleased pearls) comes in a mostly acoustic, double-disc set of stunning ballads. Recorded in January of 2001 in Nashville, The Suicide Handbook is sprinkled with songs that will make subsequent albums, but the genius of these versions comes in the subtle nuances he uses to differentiate them between the album cuts. Off Broadway makes an early appearance here (officially released later on Easy Tiger) in a stripped-down, gorgeous version with slightly altered phrasing in the chorus. In my opinion, the Suicide version is far superior. Much of Gold was first showcased on this session, as well as a few from Demolition. This version of Firecracker features a re-arranged first verse, and the cut of Answering Bell is gloriously groovy. The set is capped off with Dear Chicago – in which Ryan callously mentions that he’s “been thinkin’ some of suicide.”
As the title might imply, this is Ryan at his sadbastardest (i like to make up words). The material toes the line between whiny and sheer beauty – most fall quite easily on the side of the latter. Another blatant demonstration of his prolificacy, The Suicide Handbook consists largely of songs that were ultimately scrapped. The songs that appear on this set only are lyrical and melodic wonders. Check out some of my favorites while you download the whole thing:

Disc 1

1 Wild Flowers
2 Perfect And True

3 Tell It To My Heart

4 She Wants To Play Hearts
5 Pretenders
6 Famous Eyes
7 Touch Feel And Lose
8 Firecracker
9 La Cienega Just Smiled
10 For No One

Disc 2
1 You Don’t Know Me
2 Bow To The Sad Lady (Mara Lisa)
3 Off Broadway
4 Cracks In A Photograph
5 I’m Waiting
6 Cry On Demand
7 Miss Sunflower
8 Just Saying Hi (Answering Bell)
9 My California Love
10 Idiots Rule The World
11 Dear Chicago


Check out the rest of my Ryan Adams Spotlight:
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Exile on Franklin Street
The Destroyer Sessions
Whiskeytown: The Missing Bridge
The Pinkheart sessions (1)
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"It’s Strange How Hard It Rains Now"

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After enduring near drought conditions here in central Texas for a couple months, the skies have finally opened up.
And they let it all go.
Neither Dolly nor Edouard earlier this year had enough left by the time they reached me. But a simple northern front showed up just in time to stifle the heat and quench the earth. The last 2 days of constant rainfall have not only held the dust down, but instantly turned the brown fields to green and lifted burn bans.

Rain, as well as many of mother nature’s offerings, have been the subject of (or influence for) a plethora of songs. Dark clouds, thunder, lightning, and being forced to remain indoors can bring out the sadness in some and helps to create those somber songs.

Patty Griffin – Rain
buy 1000 Kisses (2005)
Willie Nelson – Rainy Day Blues
buy Songbird (2006)
Ryan Adams – Rainy Days
from The Destroyer Sessions (2000)
Walt Wilkins – 18 Days of Rain
buy Hopewell (2007)

Often used as a metaphor for the cleansing of the soul, rain songs can also be uplifting, despite the gloominess the rain might bring. You can find some hope in a storm if you look forward to the fresh skies that will follow.

The Jayhawks – Save it for a Rainy Day
buy Rainy Day Music (2003)
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
buy Pendulum (1970)
James McMurtry – Walk Between the Raindrops
buy Walk Between the Raindrops (1998)
Jerry Jeff Walker – Hill Country Rain
buy Hill Country Rain (1992)

i’ve got an even better of mix of storm songs that i created as a mixtape when a hurricane was on its way here a few years ago. The next time one rolls through i’ll try to post it.

New Digs: Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers….

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Focusing on one artist today for New Digs.
This one deserves a full post.

Samantha Crain is the newest addition to the stellar lineup that Ramseur Records is amassing. Ramseur reached even farther West this time – all the way to rustic Shawnee, OK. Samantha is just 21, but writes and sings with the conviction of an old-soul. Maybe it’s the Choctaw heritage or maybe it’s that long line of Oklahoma folkies that precede her, but Samantha’s tales of sorrow, tinged with lighthearted spunk, feel as dust-worn as any Woody Guthrie or Bob Childers song.

Along with her band, The Midnight Shivers, Samantha self-produced and self-released The Confiscation EP. Ramseur stumbled upon the burgeoning folk band and decided to re-release the EP on July 22nd of this year. Buy it.

i found Samantha and her music on Hear Ya Indie Music Blog. Much like Daytrotter, they feature exclusive live-in-studio tracks from indie artists. The sound is great and, especially in the case of The Midnight Shivers, the cuts seem as polished as album tracks. Check out Samantha’s session.

Traipsin’ Through The Aisles (HearYa Live Session)
From Where Come You Division? (HearYa Live Session)

In Smithereens, the Search for Affinity (Confiscation EP)
Beloved, We Have Expired (Confiscation EP)

great titles, huh?
check out Introducing Samantha Crain (YouTube)